Dublin Hurling 2020

I know which two i would prefer leaving… whether they stay with 21’s or no remains to be seen

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Who was on the backroom team this year?

Greg Kennedy, Mickey McCullough, Eoin Roche, Paul O’Brien, Cliodhna O’Connor, Brendan McLoughlin

Which two?

Not exactly full of huge pedigree. Not that it always matters, but still…


I always had a soft spot for lads who can take it or leave it. If they do actually commit for a while it is often a more balanced decision.

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Named at 14, played half forward until the last 10 minutes.
Mickey, Eoin & Paul departing from what I heard.

None of them the one I’d like to see go.

Correct on the second two

Be interesting to see the make up of mgt team in next few weeks when the go back training in next two weeks.

Has Mattie rang Con yet?:joy:


You left out Dessie Farrell who I saw at the football final yesterday in the company of Mattie Kenny

What was Dessie’s role last year?

Spiritual advisor


I left out Dessie yes. Was referring to coaching staff. Dessie is not coaching staff.
I left out all of the kit men, statisticians and S&C’s too.
Coaching staff. Whom some of which have zero impact on the pitch performance IMO.

Zero impact? So nothing to do with poor performance?

Zero impact on improving performance the way a coaching backroom team should

Had enough impact to beat Galway, failure vs laois squarely on the players.

Qualified comments. Know what i’m talking about. You will see vrs next yrs backroom team.


Con would want to be sniffing glue to join the hurling setup, its been a farce since 2014, three managers since then and zero momentum