Dublin hurling - where next?


We had Wexford in Wexford the year previous. Galway being in Leinster makes it harder/better reality check this year.


So stick with same? Or New?


We did, but relationships between Senior and 21 management were pretty strained that year.


Prefer Bon Jovi myself - living on a prayer


I think the whole thing needs freshening up to be honest.


There was an obvious reason for that and it’s living in Cork. We all saw that, even players. Joe Fortune at minimum should have been left with 21s.


If you look at the Tipperary model they have systems in place from the Sheedy era for management to take over based on involvement in senior training setups. It makes sense. This year they have Cahill and Tommy Dunne with underage. Mick was with O Shea. O Shea was with Sheedy. Sure why we would we look at successful ways of doing things. We seem to love the drama every three years trying to reinvent the wheel.


Yes indeed, that’s what we should be at. Maybe Gilroy will get that process working. Needs to be more joined up methinks…


any word?


Did DCB say the hurling manager would be in place before ‘the’ weekend or before ‘a’ weekend?


Nope, gone all quiet!


i think we all know who it’s going to be at this stage, not sure why the need for the delays?


Agree totally - Anyone who roars at a kid (actually, at anyone of any age), ‘two hands on the hurl’ or ‘on the ground’ or ‘drive it’ or starts to train kids to go for a high ball by trying to knock it down to the other hand or plays games where guys aren’t allowed pick the ball up needs to go to an actual game of hurling and point out a) how many balls are picked up by a two handed pick up, b)how many balls are hit on the ground and c) how many times they see ball knocked down to the waiting hand. I would estimate in the course of an average championship games the answers would be a)none, b)one and c) absolutely none. So in effect guys are spending 30% of their skills training doing stuff and being told stuff that will never, ever be used in a game situation.

You cannot pick the ball up at full sprint with two hands unless you are a contortionist. I suspect the majority of balls driven on the ground result in almost directly a score against and the knock down thing is just nonsense. As for playing training games where you can’t pick the ball up, what is the point. The game where you hit the ball on the ground using a stick is hockey, our game is hurling.


So kids starting out should not be thought how to strike a ball on the ground?


Careful now, some lads here think ground hurling was handed down to Moses in the Ten Commandments


From a coaching point of view there is a good reason for telling a young lad to do that. It gets his hand close to the ball and the ball into his hand as quick as he can . Ah yeah, its great to see lads in oceans of space rising the ball with the one hand, full length with the hurl, and it coming up to waist height for you to collect it… Its a bad habit for kids (and a whole host of adults too :roll_eyes:)

And as far as striking the ball on the ground is concerned, don’t coach that one at your peril…


The county board must take very late lunches, god bless the work and them that’s doing it.


Maybe it was a liquid lunch and we’ll get the result at closing time


It wouldn’t be the first thing I would teach them. Why teach them something they shouldn’t do? Any drill with a ball is useful for hand eye hurl coordination - but that’s about all it’s good for.


But a player can’t do it at speed. It’s grand if your standing over a stationary ball, but how often is that going to happen. I don’t think you would ever see a two handed pick up in serious inter county hurling. You just can’t run at speed and be stooped enough to do a two handed pick up, it is physically impossible.

If by some freaky occurance in a game you do find yourself alone with a stationary ball, then yes, a two handed pick up is safer. but why coach something a player might need twice a season as against something he will need every play, which is the ability to pick the ball at speed. If you see any serious game, two handed pick ups are never used (ditto for ground strikes).