Dublin hurling - where next?


Ground Hurling is also thought at early age to get kids used to grip of the hurl etc. and to teach hand eye coordination.


Next of all you’ll be saying Giller won’t be able to play Duck Duck Goose after training sessions. Stop micro managing the man. It’s that sort of stuff that brings a team together.


Some lads here saying that coaching ground hurling and 2 handed pick ups is a waste of time. A question for these people. Have you ever coached a bunch of 7/8/9 year olds?

Ground hurling - a lot of kids at these ages can’t pick the ball up easily/miss the ball regularly in the air. You need to crawl before you walk etc. You can’t just stick a hurl in kids hands and expect them to be able to hit it in the air without prior coaching on ground hurling.
- great for coaching grip, gaining confidence using both sides, feet positioning,

2 handed pick up - most kids don’t have the strength for the 1 handed pick up. They need to use their 2 hands because the strength is not there for most of them to do it with 1.
- learning with 2 hands allows them to concentrate on pick up technique - using the thin part of the toe, angling the hurl correctly, getting the right height on the ball

When children are comfortable and confident in these 2 skills, then developing the one handed pick up and striking from the hand become much easier.
However, in the modern game, while there is a place for ground hurling and 2 handed pick ups, there is far more need for the one handed pick up and striking in the air. As kids become more proficient then focus can change. But the necessity of having the basics before being able to do this is vital imo.


Ah, you should have said it was nonsense earlier and we could have stopped debating it. Let us know if any other discussion is nonsense too so we don’t waste any time on it.


Nope, but we are all a lot more wiser in coaching 10 year olds how to hold a hurl :wink:


Christ hurry up lads, I can’t take much more of this thread!


Young lads not wristy enough…

On a more serious note well explained for those who haven’t coached below u16


Martin O’Neill ruled out now, yeah?


I think that’s more when they’re going hip to hip in the tackle - 2 Hands on the hurl


O Callaghan is very tight, but limited when he has the ball. I think he is a great corner back, but I worry when I see him anywhere else.


Noel hickey wasn’t noted for creative stickwork in fairness


He’ll be 14 the way its going.


Fair play Amigo, great post.


One of Mattie Kennys back room team


Whats the story he is commenting on?



Oh right :thinking::joy:


DJ has done very well with Carlow IT - I suspect he could be a well above average manager.


Would have liked to see him involved as a coach with dublin for sure.


In didnt mean anything in relation to DJ, im just wondering are the “:joy::joy::joy:” meant as some sort of sarcasm on the basis of him been quite involved with Mattie in Cuala