Dublin hurling - where next?


Be interesting to see how DJ fairs out. I got the impression with Carlow he was the “big name” to draw lads in. Will see what he’s like at county level.


Seriously tho, what’s the hold up? Organising Backroom team?


Don’t be worrying. The manager will be in place before the trip to Boston. So we should know by the middle of November


Seeing if Dana White will release Mc Gregor from his UFC contract


Don’t think we will be hearing anything this week lads… it’s s joke


There just seems to be no urgency at all . Zero communication


There’s something seriously after going wrong if you ask me. The promises of announcement have dried up and some people have gone to ground!


I’m hearing the same… hopefully it’s wrong but not looking good


Shanley needs a PR guy - the messaging on this has been inconsistent and flakey


Waiting to see if Santa would take on the job after Christmas?


As this is my week for seemingly attacking sacred cows… and to while away the time we spend waiting for the ‘big’ announcement. I just want to make the point that frankly I never saw DJ as good as everyone else seems to have seen him. He was definitely very good, and he has 5 All Ireland medals, so I have to be careful with my definition of very good. But I don’t see the ‘one of the greats of the game thing’. He was a great man to get a goal, but he was aided by the unwritten rule in hurling that ‘if DJ is near goal he gets four extra steps’. That was a big advantage for him because the defender is set up to hook on the third or fourth step and when it doesn’t happen he is out of sync. He could win a great ball one on one, if he was let behind, but he wouldn’t win it in a crowd or with a defender he didn’t have a height advantage on.

Out the field he was average enough. He was knacky enough at getting in a hook and robbing the ball (and as I say I am not disputing he wasn’t very good), but you would be wasting your time trying to hit him with a puck out. Ger Loughnane maintains he was never as good as his skill set meant he should have been.


TJ Reid a far more effective all round player. Carrying Kilkenny single handed last two years.


TJ Reid better than DJ…:joy::joy::joy:


I said ‘more effective’. Big difference. DJ more skilled no doubt.


I agree with hatchetman. I would pick Reid before Carey. If Carey had played on an average team he wouldn’t be the big name he is now. Reid would stand out in any team.


Reid played with the greatest Kilkenny team of all time
Put it like this would TJ have been as effective in the nondescript Kilkenny teams dj played in

The answer is no . Nonsense in my opinion to suggest Reid is better then carey


The topics we are covering rather than hearing of a new hurling manager are worse than bad. But part of me can understand why.


Can’t agree with that at all. In my eyes he was one of the greatest I’ve seen. He played mostly on decent Kilkenny teams (by their standards). If he was playing around 2007-2009 he’d have cleaned up when they were walloping teams for fun.
I think I recall him putting on an exhibition in thurles in the second half against us (Galway) when we were well ahead at half time.
Sure he took a lot of steps at times but that’s not his fault! TJ is fond of a few steps too and it’s up to the ref to police that. He was pretty small and slight so I don’t think you could hang him for not winning puckouts. He was deadly in front of goal and seemed to be able to put the ball over the bar off his stick with such ease. An absolute class act if you ask me and I have no love for KK!!


Hopefully it’s just eyes being crossed and teas being dotted


Wow, attacking sacred cows? You’re bringing this one to the abattoir! Funnily, I agree to a certain extent. DJ was incredibly skilled and a brilliant stick man, but less effective than few players I can think of, most notably, Henry Shefflin. Sheff had similar stick skills, but a better all rounder IMO. If I had to pick one over the other, it would be Sheff all day. I’d give TJ serious thought too, he was a different type of hurler. For me it’s like comparing Class, with brilliance. If that makes sense!?!