Dublin hurling - where next?


Close the thread before everyone wakes up :joy::joy:


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Yep . If anyone is looking for me I’m heading to the Bar…


Real coincidence that he has the same name as the football manager who brought All Ireland glory back to the capital in 2011 …


But the last dublin manager to lose to Mayo :hushed:


Good luck to Pat,I’ve no doubt we’ll be in a better place in 3 years time,but I do have to ask was Mattie Kenny ever even in the running for the position? Was he even interested? Does anyone know?


I’ve heard that also. While Pat could prove to be an outstanding manager and success a lot will depend on who he has with him. I can’t fathom what it must feel like to be a hurling manager who has been successful at Club or county level in Dublin to see this though. Best of luck to them. With this decision they will need it more than ever.


100 per cent was interested and up until Monday night had not heard whether he had it or not.


Wish Pat Gilroy and his management team the best in his 3 years .


Mattie had definitely met with Co Board officials for the job, that much I do know. He was in the running. What’s the big secret with backroom staff? Why not release it with the news of the appointment? Especially when it’s the game changer re this particular appointment.

Don’t know about everyone else but I feel somewhat relieved with this news and dare I say it a little bit of excitement too with where this might take Dublin hurling. I wish Pat and his team nothing but success in this new chapter for us over the next three years.


This is a major punt by the County Board… we’ve just gone from a man who was an excellent coach but a poor man manager, to a lad who has never managed a hurling team in his life?? Its all a wee bit eastenders really (cue the drums and fade out sequence…)


I’m right behind this appointment and will support the team. Good luck Pat.


Can we now close this thread and start one with Dublin Senior Hurlers 2018 under Pat Gilroy


The very best of luck to Pat. He will need it too.
I have no doubt that the hurling squad will receive the very best preparation possible over the next 3 years and that’s before we even know who the back room team is.
The man is a winner


Best of luck to Pat and team, cant be any worse than what that foreigner destroyed over the last 3 years. Good to have a Dub in charge.

He has nothing to lose, what is success, get back to the Leinster final, promotion, all Ireland Semi or final. Anyone of them is an improvement on the last 3 years.

Id say some of the football fraternity are nervous some players might change over in the next couple of years or up and coming may chose hurling instead of football. Who knows.


Would I be right in saying hes the first Dub in the job in 15 years? Marty Morris being the last




Hope it works out and I’ll be behind it now but I’m bemused as to how a guy who brings an AI title to Dublin didn’t get it
Shakes head …
best of luck to Pat . He’s going to need it .


Best of luck to Pat Gilroy. Definitely a risk but he needs the support of the entire county and I have no doubt that Dublin hurling will be in a far healthier state in three years time than in which it currently lies.
This could be an inspirational choice for young hurlers in the 14-20 year age bracket to throw their lot in with a manager who will not let (or put) them down, who will demand the best of his players, coaching staff and the county board. Not to mention being an attractive choice to those lost from the scene over the last two years.
Up the Dubs.


I’m glad it wasn’t announced as Gilroy and someone. There was no attempt to dress it up as something it’s not. It looks like it will be Gilroy as the manager and he will have a back room staff, as is normal.

Hard luck to Mattie Kenny, we were lucky to have two (at least), very credible candidates.