Dublin hurling - where next?


Gary Maguire is still the best goalie in Dublin.

Cian Boland is always injured so you can’t be looking to him to be part of the spine of your team.


I believe they are waiting until the football championship is over before making a decision






I’d have my doubts on Rushe at 6 going forward.

I don’t think he’s played well there now for a while, he would have to improve on the last few years for me to stay at 6. But the problem is where to play him as he’s still good enough to start.


If he lost a bit of the bulk he could go back to midfield? Was good there previously.


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Heard it from reliable source…


I’d play him at 10/12. Centre forward didn’t suit him but more room on the wing. We never replaced Danny or Keaney on the wings as ball winners. Liam for me could do a job there


Excelled under Dalo. Cunningham messed him around positionally for a year trying something that was tried before and hasn’t regained form. I’d also say the 10/11 players who were missing hindered performances.

Another weekend of this thread :confounded:


Even your sources aren’t always accurate Rochey :smirk:


Ah PP we’re not that bad.


More annoyed with myself than anyone Liam.


They’ll probably announce it on Monday afternoon so gets buried at bottom of sports news which will be all about the Ireland Wales match.


Burying it won’t achieve anything, anyone who cares is waiting for the news.


Half back line is the only place I think. He brings a lot of things to Dublin, but unfortunately the ability to turn quickly isn’t one of them.


Indeed, she has gone to ground, the phone is even dead!!! Not sure what to thunk!!!


Yeah liam has put too much emphasis on the bulking side of things. Under a proper S&C regime he should be guided to spend the winter months focusing on getting as lean as possible whilst mainting strength.


Is Martin Quilty an intercounty option? Is Hedgo?


Would Hedgo go back though? Couldn’t see him as the main man, maybe he’d go back with the new man? I know the players had huge respect for him anyway.


Are you talking players wise?