Dublin hurling - where next?


Yes sorry. I meant Hedgo the son, hurls for Vins. Listed at corner forward but big enough for a more central role maybe? A small bit one-sided but a large unit with a hand on him.


Has no real pace for county hurling in my view


Absolutely agree Bart. Could he play 6 and hold the middle? Or full forward? Our team Is generally too physically small. Is there no longer room for a horses-for-courses approach to hurling?


How many posts by paddys day :grinning:


When did he quit?


I’d like to see Hedgo given a shot with a full preseason under his belt. I agree about pace limitations but he showed great fight, bit of leadership and good attitude when he did get a run. I know that’s not all that it is required at this level but it’s qualities we missed last year IMO. I think he has the hurling to offer something. No harm in trying him out in cup stages


Hedgo for me certainly. Think he’d be a cracking option in the half forward line. Whatever pace he might lack is offset by his skill level and physicality.


I’m not saying he did.


It was that Rochey fella confusing me


I think he’s skilful enough . But pace at this level is everything


I don’t think he’s aggressive enough to be honest. Has too many quiet club games.


If I had a penny for every time I heard that…


At Parnell today didn’t see any potential manager in the crowd thought there might be at a senior b final … anyone hear or see if one was there


If Davy Fitz put him through pre-season training he’d be grand


Tick. Tock.


Technically…and I’m just asking…when does this weekend actually really and truly END?


When we see the white coming out of the ESB towers.


At this stage the only reasonable explanation is that Mattie has it and it was agreed to avoid disruption to the qtr final an announcement not until Monday. That likely makes too much sense.


You may well be right,i was told the same last night but no sure how true it is.


Listening to shane Stapleton the other night, and the level of attention to detail Kenny goes into on players strengths and weaknesses, the likes of which even the county players at cuala had not seen before. He seems like a manager/coach who would really help to improve the players we have.