Dublin Intermediate Hurling Championship (IHC) 2018


Cuala B
Erins Isle
Kilmacud Crokes C
Scoil Ui Chonnaill
St Judes B
St Marks
St Peregrines
St Sylvesters
St Vincents B

I know it is earlier for championship talk but just throwing the teams up anyway. Only 2 league matches before championship starts


Any word on when the groups are being made for Championship? Championship first round only a couple of weeks away.




Jaysus, Jude’s will need to top up the toll passes…


Or swop with Clontarf and we could have a north and south Championship.


Thought that until I saw peregrines


Group 2 the tougher of the groups in my opinion.

Scoil are most likely favourites for this? Semi finalists last year and have started AHL 2 very well this season.

Will be interesting to see what the second teams in each group will have. Cuala normally go well, Judes have dropped down from Senior B and Vincents have had some good minors coming through over the last few seasons.


No clear winners here IMO. Is Dotsy still playing with Marks? Sylvestres dropped down from Senior 2 but are still a very competitive team so might well bounce back up.


As far as I know he is. I think they have also got Conal Rabbitte back who is a huge addition



Any matches get called off?


Vincent’s is closed for the weekend. McGee Park too. So unless they’re reversed.


St. Marks 4-13 v 1-11 Kilmacud Crokes FT.


Isles beat Judes 5-16 to 0-8 in awful conditions for a game of hurling


I saw Sc Ui Chonaill last year and they looked very strong. The experience in AHL2 this year will give them a big advantage.


Cuala 3-21 Kevin’s 3-11 as per Hill 16


Fingallians 1-11 Syls 1-18



Vincents and Scoil drew tonight going by the result on Dublin Gaa


Kevin’s 4-17 v 2-13 St.Marks FT