Dublin Intermediate Hurling Championship (IHC) 2018


How come the game was played across the road ?


Dotsy run riot?


The two clubhouse pitches were reseeded or fertilised . Closed about 3-4 weeks ago. Supposed to be back open in the next two weeks as far as I know


Did ye not have enough sh1te on them all season??

[Tommy D a close mate and cousin ex-senior selector … but couldn’t resist … sorry!]


That is some serious scoring.

Judes seem to be struggling again this season. I know it is their second team but they were champs two years ago, have they lost a lot of players? They have been hit with some vey high scores


Interesting to see Cuala and St Marks in the first two positions in their group as they are AHL4. St Peregines seem to be struggling.


Marks looking very strong with a few key players back with them… very strong attack with dotsy running the show!


Peregrines missing one of their best players at the moment with a broken hand. Forget his name, Wing-Forward usually.


That’s a funny name.


I know we are barred from naming names now on here but I hope you aren’t talking about a very good hurl maker. He would be a big loss to any team




Clarify what


Being barred from naming names on res dubs??


Colm Foley? Quality player


Cuala 1-28 v 1-20 St. Marks FT.


Clontarf lost to Kevin’s by 2


St Jude’s beat Scoil Ui Chonaill 0-18 to 0-17. Probably won’t effect the top 3, but good win for Jude’s as it should lift them off the bottom the group.


Have to say I am shocked with that. Fingallians drew with Isles. Fingallians should have won. Makes the last round of games very interesting to see who goes through


Looking at the league and championship form you would have to think it’s Sylvester’s year. Scoil dropping 2 points to Jude’s tonight may be a blip but Syls seem to be on a roll. Will be interesting to see how the AHL4 teams do in the knock out stages.


Important win for Clontarf against Cuala last night which opens up the group a bit. Cuala and Kevin’s should qualify but 3rd spot is open now. Is it 2nd and 3rd that qualify for the Quarters?