Dublin Junior A Hurling Championship (JHC A) 2017


Was told a mail went out earlier with 19 Aug for Q Finals


Yeah confirmed now for 19th August.


Just checking the Junior football championship semi-finals that are being played this week and they are played on a home and away basis. No neutral grounds. Is it the same for hurling in Junior championships? I know the quarter finals are home/away as a result of the group outcomes but it seems a bit unfair that the semi finals are not at a neutral venue


Yeh home/away last year anyway…bit of a joke.


Any result from the Brigids and ballinter game ?


Its on tomorrow


Lucan 0-13 v 0-06 St. Marks


Brigids beat BSJ so the quarter final line up is

Brigids v Commercials
Lucan v Finians
Isles v Finbarrs
BSJ v Marks


Brigids and commercials both fighting it out at the bottom of AHL 3 it’ll be an interesting game along with a few others


Are the games confirmed for August 19th or was that depending on inter county fixtures etc?


What inter county fixtures would affect it?


It’s the Dublin county board.They do crazy shit.




I believe the Q Finals are fixed for Sunday the 20th. No idea why.


Where did you hear this?


Think there was a mail sent out


Its on Dublin Gaa website. Theres no reason not to play on the Sat.


Feel sorry for Vincents. They have to play their relegation playoff and a league match at the same time on the 20th. A bit unfair if you ask me but as I said in a previous post its the Dublin county board and they do crazy shit!




They are a big club and there is no link between Championship and League so CCC can fix both games for the same day/time.