Dublin Junior D Hurling Championship (JHC D) 2018


Any result with TD and ngo?


ngo beat thomas davis


Anyone know the quarter final pairings in this with all the walkovers given?


Do walkovers given during the group stages affect relegation also?


if a team cannot field twice then they are automaticly relegated .
if they have only given 1 walkover then it does not effect relegation playoffs


clontarf beat boden


na gael oga v clontarf
na fianna v joeys

semi final pairings


nga beat clontarf 2.05 to .05
best of luck to nga in the final


Sounds like a great open game of Hurling with that scoreline


Any result in the other game?


I see joeys beat highflying na fianna 0-16 to 0-12 . That’s seems like a very strange result, na fianna bet them by 20 in the group stages. Was anyone at the game? A div 8 team beating a div 5 team is some going.


Joeys have a good few new lads with them this year. We beat them in the league in a winner takes all match. A week later they beat us by a good few in the Championship. They have a very good number 14.


Is that what they were calling him?


More than likely!


I think he’s from Clara in Kilkenny and had played some senior Hurling in Kilkenny before transferring


Very good player.


all the same turning a 20 point loss at home in the groups to a 4 point win away is quite a big jump. They must of got some new recruits over the summer months!


Or maybe something more mundane like accountancy, taxation, law and actuarial exams intruding in June…


I seen them play in March and I seen na fianna a few weeks ago, both teams were miles apart. Hence why I think it’s an extraordinary result.