Dublin Junior Football Championship 2 (JFC 2) 2018


Group 1:
Starlights (9)
Erin Go Bragh (11N)
Cabinteely (10)
Beann Eadair (9)

Group 2:
Wild Geese (8)
Ballyfermot DLS (9)
Croí Ró Naofa (11S)
Stars of Erin (8)

Group 3:
Rosmini Gaels (9)
St Colmcilles (9)
Portobello (8)

Group 4:
Shankill (11S)
Ranelagh Gaels (8)
St Josephs OCB (10)


Nuts, div 11 teams have no chance against div 8 teams


Stars got WO from Wild Geese


Ranelagh also got WO from St Josephs OCB. Seeing a bit of a trend here.
This competition will most likely be won by either of the 3 Div 8 teams depending on who they have available, as RG and portobello both relying on culchies up in the shmoke for work


According to Dublingaa.ie Portobello were beaten yesterday by Colmcilles who were beaten in their first game by Rosminni so Portobello might not even make it out of the group, or there could be a 3 way tie (it’s only a three team group)


Wow, didn’t see that coming JuniorD. 2 teams go through so could go down to the wire there.
Ranelagh or Stars of Erin should take it then so.
Are you thrown out for conceding? Has to be some penalty as no relegation possible


Think I saw it mentioned somewhere that you can concede 1 group game in the championship


Suppose the ideal of the round robin is to give teams more than one bite of the cherry, so fair enough. But conceding will leave you pretty much screwed if no other games are conceded.


Anyone know is the quarter final pairings known or will it be an open draw?


I think its 1st vs 2nd from top to bottom…ie first in group a will play 2nd in group b…open draw for semi then…I’m open to correction


Who is likely to progress to the quarters? A lot of concessions in this competition, takes away from the value of it


A seriously banged up Portobello beat Rosmini by 4-11 to 1-14. Rosmini were 9 points down at half time but came back and lost by 4. The result means both teams go through on points scored. Another point by either side would have seen Cillies go through.


Open draw made yesterday


have you got the draw


Couldn’t believe the scoreline when I saw it…best of luck to both sides


Seriously banged up?


Beann Eadair to play Ballyfermot in 1/4 final up in Howth.

That should be a decent game.


where did you see that?


It’s on Hill16.ie


Can’t see any fixtures myself there as yet.