Dublin Junior Hurling A Championship (JHC A) 2018



Ballinteer 1.17 Boden 3.17

Good game. We were full value for the win I thought, even though we nearly let it slip in the last 15.

The game was played on Ballinteer’s all weather. We were told Marlay pitches unplayable. :roll_eyes: Marlay was actually in great nick. An absolute disgrace that we had to play on that surface.

Any other results?


Its up to the home team which pitch you play on, be it all weather or grass.


I remember playing BK on Kickham’s all-weather in a hurling championship match about 12 years ago - in the middle of summer! It did seam strange at first but, to be honest, it’s a decent surface to hurl on and no-worse than a rock-hard natural pitch in the middle of summer.


Marley park is it a bit easier on the body than Sancta Maria in fairness.




Clanna Gael 0.15 Boden 4.15


Commercials 2-12 Brigids 4-10