Dublin Junior Hurling A Championship (JHC A) 2019



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group 2 looks the stronger group


Group 1

Faughs 2-08 Lucan 1-11
Brigids 0-23 Realt Dearg 1-16
ClannaGael 1-11 Ballinteer 1-18

Group 2

Ballyboden 0-15 Cuala 2-16
Commercials 0-14 Judes 2-16
Fingallians 1-15 Finians 0-15


Bad result for Commercials, they are slipping fast


Brigids & Cuala the favourites here for the championship

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Is that the Cuala team that has come up in Championship every year for past 3/4 years?


it is their 3rd team, I think it is their 2nd team won their way up to senior b in consecutive seasons?


This is Cuala 3rd hurlers. They’ve been promoted every year from division 9 up to 4. They’ve won a few championships in that time too, including Junior C and B back to back.

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Yes this is what I thought, this is a very strong team that have been on the road together for a long time. They will be in the mix in this Champo come the latter stages IMO.

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Good win for Realt Dearg over a decent Faughs second team

Fingallians needed to win against Cuala’s third team and did


Commercials beat finians of swords


Faughs beat Clanna Gael by 8


Judes & Brigids both looking strong in this Championship, two second teams


Judes will take some beating if they can keep that team together.