Dublin Ladies Seniors 2017


Ah right , wasn’t aware there was history there .


Don’t think they were too particular about who they hit though Sinead Aherne did get lot of stick. Sarah McCaffrey took a couple of digs too. Dublin way too good for Mayo even it took us long time to put them away!


None of that will be mentioned in the gaa media. Bet the referee comment during the week will be though.



Jesus, Rochey look at it again, I thought we were never going to get a goal, fair play at the end we managed to put them away, but I was really thinking how the hell can this game be so close for so long, it was miss after miss. That is not a slight on the girls, they played brilliantly throughout, but with 20 mins to go they could have been 15 points up and were only 3.


As regards the dirt, there were deffo incidents that would be highlighted big time on TSG, the dig in the face to Aherne was totally out of order, a lot of late tackles, I wouldn’t be that harsh on the Mayo keeper for the peno, don’t think there was much more to it than giving away a peno, but the follow up by a back made it all look worse, probabaly two penos in one


Keeper took Aherne out with two foot lunge. Knew exactly what she was doing.


Maybe so, I would have to see it again, but I didn’t see the much in it at the time, a clear peno yes, but malice not sure. My take would have been the keeper spread herself and caught Aherne on one leg, there was not much else she could do.


Was afraid they were going to pay for the missed chances but kept carving mayo open. Could have been a landslide.


Great performance. First ten minutes mayo were slightly on top . From there Dublin took over . Could have had four goals in first half . One complaint would be the wrong options that were taken with mayo down to 13 . We should have had 2 goals by simple lifting the head and see players in plenty of space .
Second half Dublin controlled the game kept mayo at bay kept a 3-4 point lees and basically tires them out . Going down to 13 took a lot out of them .
First two cards totally warranted .
Third was 50/50 , 1 Dublin player could have got a yellow on the bases of mayo 3rd.


Bigger crowd then the women’s European cup final or the rugby World Cup final


Some great photos


Really enjoyable game, delighted I made the decision to attend.

I thought Mayo probably had the better of the first half, but we were always a goal threat whereas they weren’t. Our two clear cut goal chances missed offset by Cora’s 6 wides (she’d another 3 misses in the 2nd half).

We didn’t make enough use of playing against 13/14 for a good period before and after half time, but the last 7 or 8 minutes was just awesome!


Super performance from the ladies. I too though we would rue all those misses in the 1st half but thankfully we finally took our goal chances. On 1st seeing I though penalty and a yellow card was right call, looked like a foot trip but could see why a red could of been given. Keeper was 4 yards off her line saving the penalty too. We should of gotten a 2nd penalty too when we hit the post as she was pulled back when shooting. Our turnover rate was excellent and we were just too powerful for them. Really cracking atmosphere in there yesterday, a fiver for kids, where could you go wrong? Only gripe is €4 for about 20 chips that were half cooked - seriously need to look at the quality of food been served on match day!


Great display, great occasion. Credit to both teams and their supporters, a phenomenal attendance for a ladies’ game.


Homecoming/ Celebration on at 6.00 this evening in Malahide!


I saw one Dublin girl get an off the ball dig late on in the game but I thought the second and third Mayo yellows were harsh. Haven’t seen it back so maybe I’m wrong.


Congrats to the Dublin ladies - the better team by far so no complains on this end. I didn’t make the trip myself…just didn’t have the heart to hit the road again. Credit though to those who attended a massive crowd of over 46,000.


The 3rd yellow was for consistent shirt pulling/fouling. She was noted twice before by the referee.


2nd was a blatant yellow - even the panellists said it.