Dublin Ladies Seniors 2017


Cora has done it all…4 All Ireland’s with Mayo and 5 with her club. Add to that 10 All Star’s and she just won her 19th county title 2 weeks ago. Despite her "greedy: streak she is the highest scoring ladies footballer of all time with 59-476 at intercounty level. I wish her well. (Oh yeah, she has an FAI Women’s Cup medal too).


Best of luck to her. Great opportunity and richly deserved.


I’d say despite the slagging above, everyone wishes her well. Apart from rochey.


Hey! I resemble that remark!


She is not as greedy as Harry Kane! Best of luck to her.


Wish her all the best, a remarkable sports woman.


Good luck to her great opportunity for her. Some career all the same. Big loss to Mayo ladies.


Think contract is only for 6 months so wouldn’t be writing her off re Mayo yet. Nothing to stop her coming back next Summer when Aussie season finished.

Also to note think max any of the women players earn is €20k so not sure how she’ll do on that side. Akin to a paid holiday.


AFL ladies is a very short league. Maybe 8-9 games. Finished just before the men’s starts, which is usually the end of March. So she would be long back for the championship. The dates suit perfectly.

She’s joining the bottom placed team from last year!


Twice as long as the NHL :joy:


Jesu said paid holiday to Australia, probably unlikely she’ll get all that much time on the field with so little time to adapt, and she’ll back in time for championship, where do I sign up?


Should be worth a watch


Mayo lose the All Ireland final and don’t get Player of the Year!? And Dublin get the goalie slot too!!! Outrageous …


That was a cracking documentary! Mick Bohan is a great motivator!


Great documentary…


“the dog days are over” Brilliant !


Wonderful TV. Always nice to witness history in the making, especially when it ends with Dublin winning an All Ireland!!!


Excellent :grin:


Really enjoyed that, what s great team to keep coming back and getting over the line. Brilliant stuff.


That was brilliant stuff. Dressing room scenes really good. Great bunch of people and good to see the jerseys being washed the old fashioned way!!!