Dublin Minors/U17 Footballers 2018


You should be pissed so. I’ve also experienced it at school level.


Last week the hurling management requested that only the first 20 do not play Wed night club games. They had the Leinster final four days later. Telling a kid who isn’t getting game time not to play club fixtures is wrong.


Hurling management have always been more sensible in my experience through the years.


That’s why they’re managing hurling teams!


You’re not talking about Conor Murray or Luke Swan?


Obviously . But I’m not going to go into names or specifics.


How excited are you about Luke Swan though?


Lets just say Luke was a bit of an ugly duckling … but by god he’s turned into some swan …


About as excited as a certain Brazil based keyboard warrior with a new pug.



Great talent but he’s only 15 so long way to go.
Very big lad and physical but will need to work on speed and movement as others around him catch up on him in size. If he develops along with others such as Chawke, Murray, Harding, Watson etc we will have a serious senior team in next 5 years.


Do you think he’s more likely to go down the hurling root if he makes it to inter-county at senior level?



So 2-1 for Luke Swan against Westmeath. That makes it 5-2 across 2 codes in the space of 4 days! Not bad for a 15 year old I would say.


On whose behalf would you like to know?




he is 16 isnt he? Some prospect but sometimes big strong lads like that excel at minor but don’t have it so easy when others catch up physically. EG clifford, who is a very good footballer, looked unstoppable at minor because he was often 12" taller then his marker so was unplayable at that level. He’s doing fine at senor but not the wrecking ball he was at minor. (not yet anyway). Swan is one to keep an eye on through. Could probably make it in either code - which usually means football.


So… you spell “route” incorrectly. Fair enough - we all make spelling mistakes. It’s just that, in America, I’d have thought if you would (incorrectly) spell it, it would be “rout” - as that is how Americans pronounce “route”? “Root” would be more phonetic with how non-Americans pronounced “route”?


Root 66 …


The twitter hashtag of England’s Test Cricket captain.


Thats the thing really with the new minor age grade, it is a long time before these guys are seniors, so it is much harder to know if a guy can go onto be a very good senior. But I guess there is more chance of a very good minor making it then there is of an average one.

I am unconvinced yet about Clifford. Although he is playing senior for Kerry in his first year out of minor, so he is not too shabby. But I don’t know if he has the pace he will need as a corner forward.

On Swan, normally I don’t think it is ever a logical argument to say someone is a better footballer then a hurler or vice versa as it is comparing two totally separate things. But you can say that someone is more effective at one or the other, and I thought Swan was considerably more effective as a hurler. With our other dual hurling stars (Costello, KIlkenny, O Callaghan), I thought it was touch and go for all three which they were making a bigger impression at, but for Swan I think hurling is a clear winner. Hopefully that is the road he will go!


I agree and he’ll still be eligible for minor next year then as well.