Dublin Minors/U17 Footballers 2018


How can you agree? You clearly have never seen him play if you haven’t being out of Connecticut. Are you using stats to make this judgement?


Well he scored 5-2 this week at minor as the full forward as a 15 year old. Of course I don’t know until I actually get to see him in a minor game but judging from the highlights vs Kilkenny he looked very good. Anyone that score a hat-trick in a provincial final is one to keep an eye on even though it seems more likely he would go down the hurling path. The same was noticeable with Doran last year against Derry in the all ireland minor semi final. He was a step above the rest.


You can not judge players by watching a live game on TV - never mind highlights. Scoring lots does not a great player make … eg Harry Kane


The fact he’s making that sort of impact at they age speaks alot. I’m sure he will draw comparisons to Con, Kilkenny, Costello as dual stars succeeding at minor. We will see next year I guess. Its not like he will be playing u-20 next year. Not trying to argue just stating my opinion. Also Harry Kane is a pretty good forward.


Not sure I agree. And he scored very little at minor.


They don’t have minor in football :grin:


He wasn’t much better at U 21


That joke doesn’t work when you actually see his u-21 numbers.


I’m not joking …

His sensational hat trick of 2 pens and an outrageous back heel from 18 yards will, however, live long in the memory.


I’m not talking about just the world cup? Yeah if he wins the golden boot some people might have an asterisk next to it with 3 penalties and back heel that he knew nothing about as part of his 6 goals.


And he’s English I think


I may have missed a lot here but @Ohm how do you know so much about the various age groups of Dublin Gaa?





I’ve just payed attention to the minor and u-21 now 20 the last couple years. More so football than hurling.



Texaco Art competition … winner all the way!


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That’s mad. Of all the sports in the world you stumbled across our gems at underage