Dublin Minors/U17 Footballers 2018


That was Rose West


Right said Fred.


Compared to Marco van basten he s like a hippo on skates but scores a lot of goals so he does his job. Van basten was a great player Kane great goal scorer but elegant or graceful not really.


Back in the day it was the other way around, clubs wouldn’t release players to the county. Mind you I once had an arse hole of a manager who told me he got me on a county team by not releasing me to the county so they could see how shite I was (well not those words, but similar intent).


he sounds nice.


Ah in fairness it was in the time when adults spoke like that to young lads and if they said it sort of jokey it was supposed to be ok. But in fairness too, he was an asshole anyway :grinning:


Apparently the minors beat Wexford today in some consolation round match. I thought they were eliminated though.




Anyone know why Sherlock wasn’t there?


Spotted in the crowd at the England/Sweden game.


He has joined the hurling set up


Seniors away for the weekend


Dreadful excuse. He’s either their manager or he isn’t. Optics look terrible. Poor example to young lads.


shouldn’t be allowed near another underage team if that’s the case. as stated ur either in charge or not. I’m sure the seniors could have managed a weekend without him.


Fair play to Wicklow in semi v Kildare - conceded a late goal to go 4 down and then got a goal themselves and levelled with a free with the last kick. Replay to come … #aughrimornowhere ???


Good for them. Hopefully they can finish off the job.


I totally agree.


Anyone know whether Swan, Murray and Dunne were playing in the shield comp?


No didn’t play.