Dublin Minors/U17 Footballers 2018


Heres the team sheet by the way for those interested


1-07 to 1-04 to Meath at HT. Dublin doing crazy unpressurized turnovers in the middle third.


Who’s been the most impressive so far on either side?


Meath have a very big lad at midfield catching a lot. Our number 12 is doing well. Winning a lot of our kick outs, which is just as well as they are all going to him


1-11 to 2-05 on 45 min ( to Meath)


Luke Mitchell doing most of their scoring … Luke Swan with our two goals.


So Luke Mitchell plays for Meath?


Yep - and Luke Kelly


Lost by 2. On the upside I think we might finished with a stronger team then we started with


Our record against Meath and Kildare at below u21 level in recent years is quite poor.


Our record in general at minor is very poor. But it seems it doesn’t matter, we still win I21s.

But I thought that was poor enough tonight. Tactically I am not sure what the plan was, and the kick outs were incredibly predictable…

Some crowd there I thought…


Fair play WiFi. I can’t get to the telly to watch matches these days, never mind down the sticks mid week!


Surely our underage results blow the €€€ theories to shreds? How come Kildare and Meath can compete and beat us regularly (all the bloody time) through the age groups? It makes nonsense of the irrelevant one’s gripe. The big question is what happens the Meath/Kildare lads between underage and senior? Where do they go? They both have centres of excellence, fcuk all travel, all the S&C they need and are still miles behind at senior level. Where does it all go wrong?!

I’ll say one thing for us - our record of developing lads from u21 (say from 18/19) to senior in recent years is phenomenal.




I think the problem with the likes of Kildare etc is that they’ve throw lads in too soon out of minor and then they have a tough time competing physically whereas it’s very rare s Dub comes straight from minor into the senior setup. only players I can think of in the last few years would be Kilkenny and Comerford, everyone else has had to wait a year or two after minor


I’ve seen Meath, Kildare and other Leinster counties at underage level and they play systems and use players that suit their system, players who may not be the greatest footballers in the county but are at an advantage at underage. Physicality being one of these which makes a player look great at U16 - U18 but can be clear they wouldnt make it as a senior player.

The Dublin model has been to develop players for senior football and not forsake that for the short term glory of underage trophies. I think the results speak for themselves.


That’s true of last night anyway. Meath won primarily because they had one massive guy at midfield who caught everything that went his way.

Having said that Dublin didn’t help their case by technical fouls (4 or 5 unforced over-carries, 2 sidelines turned over by taking too long and kicking from beyond the line). But these lads are only 16 (maybe some 17), and this was in front of a crowd of maybe a couple of thousand. So it wouldn’t have been easy.

I think we changed the full back, centre back and at least one midfielder in the game. When you are swapping the centre like that, I think the team is not settled and they are still experimenting. So we will see how it goes…


A two point loss to Meath in Navan isn’t the end of the world.I suppose with the round-robin system it gives the management a bit of wriggle room to experiment within a competitive game. Also with Minor now U16/17 as distinct from U17/18 means we have to be careful with any criticism or observations of the team and management . Hopefully next game we get back to winning ways. C’mon the chislers!


Absolutely, these guys are still children, albeit very talented ones.


Round robin certainly gives wriggle room, perhaps allowing selectors to have a good long look at their selection policy up to now. One glaring omission from the 26 last night is considered inside (and by many outside) of his club as the outstanding forward of his age in Dublin. Hopefully not the dreaded politics at work again.