Dublin Minors/U17 Footballers 2018


It catches up with you eventually. Losing to Meath or Kildare at under age is one thing. Losing to Wicklow at home while only scoring eight points should really set the alarm bells ringing. KK had a team of all the talents and while they were roasting everyone alive at senior ourselves and Wexford were quietly beating them regularly at under age and now KK are finding it tough at senior level. There’s a lesson there for us.


Swings and round about though? Will have spells where we struggle. Everyone does (except for keryvthw last couple of years).


Going on five years. And this is a low point. Something needs refreshing.


Christ if we can’t find minor footballers to beat Wicklow it’s a bad state of affairs


It’s a worrying gap alright, but U20s more important, if that drops off as well the you’d really worry.


There is something absolutely & fundamentally wrong with out minor setup over long number of years. Really really poor in comparison to not only the animals but everyone else in Leinster. Maybe we need a different bunch of GPOs!



Meath already through.
Will they go easy v Wicklow and that could put us out.


Looks like we should still go through. Relying on Meath to do us a favour.




No way will that happen I’d say. Our minor results make an absolute mockery of the financial doping bullshit.


Take it to the appropriate thread please :grimacing::yum:


Minor results also seem to make mockery of the financial spend.


Just home from tonight’s match. It was one of the most inept and pathetic performances that I have ever seen from a Dublin team to be beaten by a Wicklow team which was literally dying throughout the field with cramp for the whole of the second half. In fairness to Wicklow they had several chances for goals that weren’t taken, they deserved to win by more.
Having seen the U20s twice this campaign I’m afraid I don’t hold out much hope for a 2018 title. Hopefully thats just me being overly pessimistic.


Just with the shear weight of numbers of young lads playing minor in Dublin we should never ever lose to Wicklow. On a bad year we can lose to Kildare or Meath, but losing to Wicklow should never happen.

The team has seemed very unsettled to me so far this year. Maybe there is a decent 15 in there somewhere and they just haven’t found them, but it is truly depressing.

There could be a masterplan in that they are trying to develop skill, not just big lads who are good at minor level. I don’t know. …

I don’t care if we don’t win minor stuff, it hasn’t proved an impediment in the past. But we need to be up there every year.

Just on it being an argument against the financial doping type of accusation, for a million reasons it’s not. But I don’t think anyone should ever use an argument that is basically summed up by saying, ‘we aren’t very good’. It’s a high price to pay for winning an argument.


Completely agree, a really horror show from the Dubs. Wicklow were more skillful and better coached,took their chances and ran themselves into the ground. Surely this can’t be the best we have in Dublin, if it is then we are in real trouble for the future. It was hard to see any sign of a future dublin star.


Come again?!



Yep was at the game myself, the performance was really bad and yep you’re right throughout the whole of the second half Wicklow were going down with cramp all over the field and yet it looked like the Dublin players were playing together for the first time


Euan Farquharson - What a name!