Dublin Minors/U17 Footballers 2018


U21 hurlers went the same way, plenty of talent but just didn’t seem to get the balance right and the changes didn’t seem to work.


Totally agree but to be honest the management have been brutal releasing players to clubs.

We have a minor told not to play for last few weeks and he hasn’t once in 5 games made the match day panel.
So no games at all for him, how does that benefit him.


That’s just ridiculous stuff and just shouldn’t be allowed.


What is the point of the shield competition if they have already played a heap of games


Unfortunately with some people it’s not about what benefits the players. We have had the same problem.


Well at this stage the players have nothing to lose by telling the management to take a hike. Some of them haven’t played a game of football in months. A shield competition serves no one. Insisting that players do nothing but warm the bench at 15/16 years of age is deplorable


Semis are a double header. In Newbridge. So Meath and Laois play in a neutral venue but Wicklow have to play Kildare in Kildare’s home pitch.

They should flat out refuse :wink:

Maybe McKenna can write an article about the unfairness of it all.


Shield :roll_eyes:… you could justify it under the old knock out system but with 5 group games, nonsensical.


Yeah but unfortunately they are only kids and telling them where to go isn’t going to happen as they love being involved with county.

You’d hope the adults in charge wouldn’t put them in that position.


They had that luxury if true but it was in our hands last week and we couldn’t seal the deal. Agree that team never seemed to be settled. Pity.


I really doubt mgt told a player not to play for his club. Especially a guy getting no game time. Unless the team mgt tell club mgt, I wouldn’t believe that.


It’s a fact.


You wouldn’t?

Well with all due respect you may have a lot to learn. It happens all the time at every level. County players play, or not, for their club completely at the whim of the county manager.


Heard Meath made 12 changes for game.


Not at all surprised :open_mouth:


Can’t really blame them. Resting players in the heat , giving the bench a chance , avoiding injuries but primarily making sure Dublin are out as more potential than Wicklow to improve from semis on.


If we had gotten to the final with a game to spare would we not have done the same?


I know it happens 100% at adult level. Under 21 also but at minor down, especially if he’s a fringe player I don’t believe it. Club mgt can contact inter county mgt, through DCB and find out for themselves. I’d be pissed if it was true.


I’m telling you it’s true, 1st hand experience.
Yes club can contact county board but your only punishing the player because if he is released to club I guarantee he won’t get a look in again.

It happens at all ages don’t think it doesn’t.


Still regardless of everything, we have 1.2 million people and we can’t put together a team that can finish in the top two of counties who’s total population wouldn’t be half of ours. Sure, we will develop them later and all that stuff. But as a stand-alone issue, this is completely a terrible outcome.