Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship 2016


They will play with Cuala I’d imagine. No point forcing someone to play if they dont want to.
All-Ireland Club is a bigger competition.
Better standard too.


Surely they’d only be bound to play with the college if they were specifically on a hurling scholarship, do they even do those anymore, haven’t heard about them in a few years.


Gavin Burke anyway. Didn’t play for DCU in either 2013 or 2014 until the club campaign was over.

he was a first year in 2013 so he wasn’t eligible anyway for sigerosn


A stipulation in scholarships if you must play with the university .


Not many of them on scholarships though? Grants are different and arent tied to playing hurling.


Dunno. I do know anyone who is on a scholarship has to play with the college unless released. Thats’ why these college players in the subsidiary comps play with the colleges


Is the relegation final going ahead this sunday anyone know?




Yes, but have to give it Setanta’s management and team even though they have two players(one starting) out with Dublin today they are going ahead with playoff tomorrow. I know I am from Setanta, but this is the third time this match has been fixed and we have been prepared to play on each occasion.


Who won


Heard setannta by a point


1-14 to 1-13 to Setanta


Congratulations to the setanta lads great club


Well done Setanta


Deserved win, we finished the match with 14, the red coming when one of theirs struck one of our county lad’s in the face with the hurl of the ball busting his nose, having to come of and not going back on, another of our main players got the red in this incident. Fair play to the rest of the lads went five ahead and tenaciously carried on.


This is what happens when you have no linesmen in a snrA relegation play off very disrespectful to both teams imo.


He wasn’t the ref that was down to ref it so maybe he didn’t have enough notice to get people organised. Still probably should have had them though I agree with you


Fair play to Setanta great win for them and well deserved, with a young squad they are improving all the time.


Great win today by lads, very tough hard battle, delighted for the panel and young players who stepped up to the mark.
Disgusted there was no linesmen and only three umpires, sheer lack of respect shown to both teams. Guarantee OPER man would’ve seen red for the off the ball incident had there been a linesman present.


The premier venue in the county the premier hurling competition regardless of the teams involved, very poor imo ,season hasn’t really started lots of refs available No excuse.