Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


I would have liked to see a bit more of Cian O Sullivan on the ball for Brigids to see if he could cope with senior county, but the ball didn’t really run his way. McGurk though was good.

Rian McBride and Sean Moran the best two players on the field today from the two games. Both are class…


Otooles really have gone back this year. Judes should’ve won by more if they had to had a free taker. Outside of omeara and their no.9 they had very little. Raheny might put it up to them yet.



O Tooles are down a lot of players due transfers out and retirements.


Was it 7 scoreable ones across 3 free takers missed. In fairness Fionn had his best club championship game from play to date… Ciaran Mangan showed yet again what a loss he was In 2017.








I will when I’m not up til 4 AM doing articles and catching up on sleep before getting out to the next games :wink:


Excellent stuff


I had a look back at a recording of the Vincents Raheny game - Rian Mc Bride is a class act. I can only assume it is injuries held him back a bit under Cunningham, but who knows. He has it all really and must be an integral of the Dublin team this year, and preferably from midfield.



No doubt he’s quality, can sometimes get a bit lost in big games.

Hopefully with added experience and maturity he can work on that


Would himself and o’connell Work as a midfield?

Mattie Kenny still in charge of cuala?


No doubting his class but his decision making is questionable. Brilliant yesterday but can end up annnoymus for large parts of games.

If he can work on his shortcomings he’d be as good if not better than any player in the county.


I think being anonymous is something that can happen midfielders though. The ball can be just going over your head for a lot of the game and it can be hard to get on it. There are two games that stand out for me for McBride, a minor AI QF versus a serious good Waterford team, where he was one of the best on the field and last years U21 loss to Kilkenny, where he was the best on the field.

I think he is nearly a specialist midfielder though, I am not sure anywhere else particularly suits him. As @Tayto mentions, himself and O Connell at midfield would be a top class pairing. He is a very good half forward at club level, but maybe needs to be either taller or faster for county half forward. But he is a very good tackler and very good on the ball, so ideal for midfield.


Last year in u21 versus kilkenny he done the damage when he moved into the full forward line. Has talent but was non existent against Tipp.


Ah, I don’t think so v Tipp, he was in it as much as any of them were, which admittedly wasn’t a whole pile.

He was picked at full forward v Kilkenny, but I didn’t think he spent a whole lot of time there, I thought Burke spent the majority of the game there.


Didn’t he move into FF line in the second half and did some damage?