Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


Judes basic skills letting them down badly atm


Jude’s need to get the finger out and stop giving the ball away or this will be over by H/T


Have Judes even had a shot yet after 16 mins?


It’s quite the treat to be able to watch this in Trumpyland before I go to work. Fair play to TG4 for making it available world wide.


I actually don’t think they have. Dreadful stuff.


Great shoulder from Guckian.


Yep. First shot at the posts from a free in the 17th minute.


Mannion on fire. 4 from play already


Mannion giving an exhibition. Jude’s havent got going at all.


Judes shot selection is melodeon.


There’ll be a lot of head-scratching goin’ on out Marino & 'Mun way if Judes continue in this vain.


They’re making Crokes look world beaters


Crokes are playing Jude’s at their own game with a much younger, faster and fitter team.

Is there a massive win against Jude’s, looks like a lot of their shots are being held up in a wind


Speed of Crokes. Some great scores from mannion.


Great scores from Crokes all around. Judes are far from done yet.


I’d say Johnny will be raging Crokes aren’t further ahead.


Their shooting got very sloppy by the end of the half.


Kudos to the Crokes keeper for a Cluxton-esque ping to the man hugging the touchline!

It may only be a 4 pt difference but hard to see how Jude’s can pull this game around.


Jude’s have been so poor. Their handling and passing has been atrocious. Hopefully it’s just nerves and they will settle in the 2nd half because Crokes haven’t been great either so game is still there for Jude’s


Poor enough game. Judes seem to have played their final last day. The wind gusts every so often but otherwise is a non issue.