Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


I guess so. I’ve never seen the club name pop up on any dublin football youth teams so I just assumed it was only a hurling club. Thanks for the info.


That’s the word.


What a turn of events !
Four in a row is so on now :smiley:


Irish Times running the story Cluxton out of Leinster Final.


He’s called Scooby!


Are we doomed, I mean count all the times we have posted over the years if we lost this player or that through suspension injury or what ever we’d be f…ked, well it is getting worse than what many of us could have even dreamed and even at that I am still confident we can overcome all of it.


Kim Kardashian is reforming the US penile penal system, single…ahem…handed.

The 60 year old Korean War is about to end.

Diarmuid Connolly is going to spend the summer playing for the Donegal Boston Gaels.

Denis Rodman and Donald Trump will win the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize.

Stephen Cluxton is going to miss his first championship game in 84 years.

The Pope is going to say Mass in Knock in a few weeks.

If we have a lick of sense, we’ll all bet the farm on Mayo winning the All Ireland this year.


They won 2 Senior Football Championships in the 80s


He is but that means nothing these days, sure clucko is wing back for parnells the last few years




Inmate at Midlands Prison claims he is ‘illegally detained’ in ‘alien, GAA supporting’ Laois


Sure he’s a Vins man !


Yeah I always find it interesting though when goalies play a different position for their clubs. Take Tyrone goalie Niall Morgan for example who plays at full-forward for Edendork.


:grinning: :clap:


In the next game, yeah. At least we have Cian and Jack Flash back. There now, that’s my optimistic statement for the summer.


Produced one or two famous footballers back n the day…


Jeasus the Pope is heading to Mayo,
Mayo for Psalm ,


Lorcan Molloy has played Fulll Forward for Annes too. The great John O’Leary used to play outfield for O’Dwyers as well.


Has Lorcan Molloy played full forward for Annes’ recently? I know he was talked about at one point as the guy to succeed Cluxton before Comerford came along.


Paddy Cullen always played around midfield for O’Connell Boys.