Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


If you didn’t know Dermo and just read some of the commentary about his move to Boston you could be forgiven for getting the impression that he was one or all of the following; a young kid… a small guy (like Sherlock for example) … a naiive country boy heading to a big city …

On the basis that Dermo is none of the above, I find the ‘worry’ people have about him being ‘targetted’ (on or off the field) is way over the top. He’s gone, he’ll be fine… I’m sure he’ll dish out and be on the receiving end of a few big hits… no more or no less than he’s had all his career…

and to be honest, I am starting to think the media are p1ssed off it’s resolved now because they could have gotten column inches all summer about “will he or won’t he play for Dublin” and the additional commentary about him having a tough time in Boston is just milking it from a new angle rather than letting it go!


Are we sure he’s actually in boston



I think Paddy Cullen played outfield for his club too


Sorry Daddyo, missed yer post


That GAAboard is just pathetic as doesn’t seem to have moderators and let posters say what they want. There are posters from Kildare, Mayo and Roscommon who dedicate their days trolling about Dublin and Diarmuid Connolly which is sad. Dublin GAA seems to be their obsession which can’t be good for their health.


This is the only bit I’ve seen

They actually have 2 threads about Diarmuid , not to mention the countless others on Dublin.


I was on the general boards.ie many many years ago briefly but left mainly because it was moderated to death. If you think @TheParish and @Tayto are bad here those guys pulled you up for everything - seemed to be a power trip for some. In fairness though they didn’t mind puns. Anyways I left and came on over here, and the rest as they say, is history.


The first thread is 50 pages and little on his football ability.


The layout is giving me major old school Ressers nostalgia…


Oh i know , im not defending any of it .
But from looking at that site , there are only a handful of dubs posting on it .They probably don’t bother flagging comments .And at that , every arsehole from all reaches of ireland wade in when ever dublin is discussed .Any positive comment is shot down , its a cesspit really .
One site where i don’t know why any dub would post there . I just view it from time to time , im not even registered there .


Ah the old Pete Townshend defence…



I think it would be very beneficial, helps them know what kind of ball players want from kick outs and more comfortable on the ball, believe Whelan also plays in goal for Killestet Utd, previously played for Cabinteely in the LOI


Some of the stuff online would have you wondering about humanity. Oh the humanity, he wailed.


Toby Amstell’s Pete Townshend joke, about his research hand, still makes me chuckle.


Don’t think I know it / him?


Simon Amstell, even.

On Nevermind the Buzzcocks the gag went:

I see The Who have cancelled an upcoming show as Pete Townshend has hurt his playing hand.

Well at least it wasn’t his researching hand.


Was he cleared of that ?


I’m not sure.


Cautioned by the Police according to his wiki page, I actually thought he was done for it. but there ya go.