Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


I see lots of reports today that the AFL are closing in on Madden (Ballyboden), the footballer, not the hurler (who are not the same person apparently!). But I hadn’t realised he had set the all time sprint record at the combine thing. That means the guy is unbelievably fast,

If you scroll down to 20M sprint section here, Madden is at 2.69 sec the fastest ever. Jack McCaffery was 2.8 seconds apparently but doesn’t feature on the list because it was the European trials.

This guy could be special, what I have seen from him with Ballyboden suggests he is getting there. Lets hope it doesn’t go through.


Yeah I read a piece on him on the Journal, could be a big loss.


Paul Flynn appointed as next CEO of the GPA. Hopefully that doesn’t mean his inter county playing days are coming to an end…


He’s over 6ft as well, so could match the athleticism with power. Time playing Aussie rules rarely seems to improve lads that come back to play the native game for whatever reason. CK being an exception. So it would be a big loss.


Dubs dominance continues​:grin::clap:t6::facepunch:


Well DC is not in the US yet, saw him today!


Maybe they fly him home when it’s their off weekend??


Worst kept secret in town :smirk:


Kilkenny was there for less than a month!


And they fucked up the mechanics of his shooting by the time he came back .


Is there not a transfer window it has to be done by. I know it’s not like a permanent inter club transfer but surely there has to be some notice given for paperwork to go through.


[quote=“Unbelievable, post:2096, topic:1462”]
Worst kept secret in town :smirk:
I was out of town and I heard


Transfers like this can be applied for at any time up to July 31st. Once granted they become effective three days after the date the transfer is granted.


It’s not a transfer window, but he has to transfer club to club as per rule!


Always considered myself au-fait with the rule book and was completely unaware of the July 31st thing!

Probably because I never had any interest in the inter country transfer business


Not exactly an exception

Brian Stynes (brother of Jim) was with Melbourne and came back to hold down our winning midfield in 1995, as well as winning an All Star that year.

Tadhg Kennelly was with Sydney for 7 years, where he won the premiership, before returning to win Sam with Kerry.


Stynes played in 94 season for Dublin if I remember correctly. Did take him a bit of bedding in time.


The more I think of the Connolly debacle , The more I’m convinced that there is an undercurrent in the Vincent’s club of being very anti Jim Gavin that may have helped ( if not directly) to force Connolly to walk

Not a single Vincent’s player remains on the Dublin panel. Dublin hurlling management is effectively st Vincent’s - and I know they went looking for Connolly in November and in March - I work with a ex Vincent’s player ( a dub) who back in 2016 was bitter towards the Dublin setup claiming 6 more Vincent’s players should have been togging out

Call me a conspiracist but I think even some of the Vincent’s aristocrats are wishing Dublin not to do four in a row - I sincerely hope I’m wrong here


Whoa , that’s some statement :neutral_face:


And there’s only one loser here - The St Vincent’s club ( the football side) - the Dubs machine will roll on !