Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Sweet Jesus. I thought I’d read it all. I certainly have now.


We seem to be doing just fine. But sure dream on.


Are they not the exception, rather than the norm? Their are players in kildare, laois, Kerry and elsewhere who were nothing special when they came home


If i remember correctly didn’t Kennelly only play one year senior for Kerry . And it took him a few games to get up to speed . A fair accomplishment considering he was gone so long .Oh , and that elbow .


Some of those things you read you actually wrote :sweat_smile:


I think so. Didn’t he say beforehand that it was a lifetime ambition (together with laying Nicolas Murphy out)? Contrast that with Tommy Walsh who I thought was going to destroy teams, but never really found his form again.


Ah here, there isn’t a single Vincents player on the panel because they weren’t selected. Also, there isn’t a club in the country who doesn’t think it should have more representation on the county panel. There has to be some semblance of evidence if stuff like that is being said.

The hurling management went looking for Connolly? I don’t think they did actually, but if they did, so what. The football management went for Schutte and Brady, they tried Treanor one year. That is how it works, management asks and players make their choice.


Over 6ft, faster then McCaffery and making waves in the senior championship while still doing his leaving cert. He has all the hallmarks of being a superstar for us. I hope someone from Dublin is pointing out some alternative career opportunities!


Whats the story regarding payment for lads recruited from ireland . Are they signed on contracts cheaper than home grown talent ?
I see the average wage for a player once you are established is €204k per year .


One of Jim Gavin’s Dublin selectors, who has been with him right through the Under 21 days and all his senior days right up to the present, is a life long member of St Vincent’s.




Just looked at the fixtures.
The Super 8 s played over 4 weekends with one weekend off after the first two rounds.
The all ireland semi is the weekend after the last super 8 game.
Squads strength in dept is going to be hugely important


Yeah Shane OHanlon. Couldn’t be any more strongly tied into Vincent’s.


Good piece from christy o connor in todays sunday times


Christy would seem to have a very good source somewhere it would seem.


The last line if that article sums up the whole lot. Good luck to duirmuid. Boston is a fantastic city lived there for a while. He will have a great time.


N😳…I doubt Vincents have any major issues with JG… last years 4 provincial club football winners, have surprisingly low representation county player… today corofin who are streets ahead in club game, have 1 in Galway first 15.
Vincents could have few more on larger panel but the bar is very high to make first 20. Nathan Mullins would have been one. I’d imagine the likes of Shane Carty wants time off rather than collecting meaningless medal when you don’t get game time. I know 2 or 3 others were asked in but no interest in being training ground cannon fodder.
The way the club game has gone in approach, profile and intensity, it’s elite in its self.
When they’re getting so much success at club level in that environment, it may be less tempting to spend 2-3 years toiling away to make bench than if they were with a club with no aspirations of success.


Lads Connolly is a genius. Owes nothing to anyone and I wish him well in Boston. He deserves a big break over there. Good luck to him and opposing defenders


Just a real pity that the best player in the country won’t get to play this year .Could you imagine ronaldo or messi deciding not to play in the world cup for no reason ??? More i thnk about it gavin only giving him so little game time in last year semi final and not starting him in final had a bearing on him opting out this year .
Rory o carroll , jack ,and paul.mannion did the same but at least they explained why they were doing it , connolly for what ever reason has decided not to reveal why he is doing what he did , its strange to say the least.


Please stop trying to get a rise out of people and constantly on the wind up.