Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Well said… Thanks this lad is only here for one reason.


When is the Dublin v Laois thread starting?


Why not start it yourself?


Can’t afford the €50?


Only wishing Connolly well. I’m Chiarrai and not a fan of some of the Dubs team but I’m a fan of Connolly. He is such an honest player. Most naturally talented Dubs player ever. His battles with Leeroy were fascinating.


Pull the other one. You’re about as two faced as Pat Spillane is in your “concern” for Diarmuid Connolly.


I haven’t been here long enough to do that I feel. Its only 7 days away.


I opened it already


Well that snuck up on me.


This site won’t show new threads as unread posts, so if like me you just look at the unread posts list, you will miss new threads, and possibly some older resurrected ones too. Especially if you never contributed to such a thread. So always check the “latest” list and the new threads will be marked in bold


Oh I didn’t do that. Thanks!


Grumpy hole. Did you miss the last connection to Twomileborris yesterday or something?


Oh the humanity !

I was being encouraging, in a Mama Hen prompting the wee babby chick to leave the nest kinda way.

Or something.

:hatching_chick: :hatching_chick: :hatching_chick:


im not the keenest reader of GAA gossip, but I think I am right in that it was the portlaoise prat who broke this Boston story?

So DC hasnt gone yet.

Option A - some dark & nasty reason the tin foil hat brigade lap up.

Option B -el prato was talking through his hoop.

looks like everyone is heading for option A?


Right so. That’s me told. Grumpy uncle hereby handing in my notice, that’s my first and final effort in life to “be the responsible one”


Not playing for Annes this year cant give the commitment


Are you an Annes club man?




Were you at Olafs v Annes senior b championship match at o’toole park back in April?


Are you in the fbi?