Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


You might enjoy this website


I know about grassroots though my subscription hasn’t been working although their isn’t a lot of info about the senior b matches.


Where in the states are you from?


“What state are you in?” would have gotten better answers.


Are you in a state? Look at the state of you??


Or “state of yer man” afterwards.




Ah lovely! Where in CT, been there a few times.


In Hartford County near Farmington.


country boy, eh? you know we’re all city slickers here?


haha I’m from New Jersey originally.


Garden state originally - how come the interest in the GAA


So Connecticut is a real upgrade for ya then? Like moving from bray to malahide…


what you work as - its 5 in the morning - all credit to res dubs , even when i worked nights come 5am i would seldom be on here


I’d be interested to know that as well… It’s like your gone like Richard Dreyfuss out of close encounters of third kind on gaa


I’ve just finished a night shift, I’m wrecked tired, but still have to rummage through here to (wait till you get a load of this) unwind a little!


Fixed that for you …


There were no battles with leeroy, he just dragged out of him for 70+ mins every game, he wouldn’t lace Connolly’s boots


bit like Jack Barry with Fento. In fact id say jack barry is the second best grabber of the jersey on the inter county game right after Leroy.


Maher takes the biscuit