Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


The t shirts worn in the video, anyone know where you can buy them? Nothing on usual websites.


Not to sure but it has the new oneils logotype which is very smart. It’s a very nice kit.


Quite the charade now. Good stuff.


Wondered about that too , that stuff is especially for the team afaik , don’t think it goes on sale to the general public.


So I need to make the panel basically ?

Could be awkward .




I believe I seen a post on here a few weeks back saying they seen it in the O’Neill’s factory store


Yeah ? Nice one !


In oneills store today loads of new Dubs tops a new training jersey also sleeveless standard jersey very connolly esk and couple of others a navy and black Dublin jersey/top I really didn’t like and a few others it’s most amount of assorted new style dub tops released together. Still that new training top the lads were wearing wasn’t there.


They are actually Dermo’s tops … he never actually got to use them … :cry::cry::cry:


Dermo’s famously stretched and ripped tops from every game Vs Mayo


the ones that willie joes blog believe are deliberately made by o’neills to rip and thus give yellow cards to mayo players - unlike their Elvery ones!!


So the 2 big transfers over the next few months are Cormac Costello to St Vincents and Lee Chin to Kilmacud
Anyone else heard that ?


Explosive stuff that .


Can you tell me when they’re happening. Obviously I’m dying to know :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Define those words first, please (as in which months). Because, on face value, this post is a 100% wind-up. Just bear in mind when the Dublin club transfer season is when answering, thank you very much.


I remember when there was speculation last year McCaffrey was headed to Peregrines. Didn’t make sense.


I don’t remember that?


The speculation never reached this side of d’Atlantic.
Must have been rife, stateside.


Gotta… Thought it might of been because of the breakdown to bring in Paul galvin. Fucker went oper as you know