Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Ah Jaysus Dub09 can it not be over next year…


Sorry - I’m an asshole … I mean realist … :open_mouth:


Berno would hardly still be training with the squad if Jim Gavin had decided (as categorically as Comrade Dub09 seems to have) that his year & his Dublin career were over.

Who to believe…who to believe…decisions… decisions…:thinking:


Well if you say so. :sunglasses:


I don’t know about if he will or not, but on the should he question, if his form is right, why not?

Alan got an All Ireland medal by making it back from injury just in time to make the panel for the final.


Hes nailed on to be back so !
Somebody tell us Diarmo wont be back :joy:


just imagine in twenty years time there you are playing for mayo…

… and the brogan twins are in the dublin FF line…

hee hee hee


I wonder were they thinking the same about Bernard Snr , i suspect not , but great how it turned out !
Crazy that he made his first start at 24 , don’t think you’d see that happening now .


Not sure what that is based on?

It can’t be form because he was playing some of the his best football for years this season before he got injured.

Age is definitely against him but we have a history of managing older players (Alan, Denis) and Bernard if fit will be next I’d imagine.


He was used very little if I recall? It’s based on the fact that he’s 34 and returning from a very serious injury. I have always been a big fan - still am - but I don’t expect much from B.B. at this stage.


His performance against Kildare was outstanding, I haven’t seen him work as hard as he did for years. His hand pass, sliding along the ground for Fenton’s goal (I think it was) was different class. He just looked fit and sharp especially considering it was the first league game, he’d put the work in somewhere over the winter.

I also mentioned a few months ago that I’d overheard him in conversation somewhere (it was a loud conversation at a table beside me) and he distinctly said he wasn’t finished. Less than 6 months later he’s back in training, which I think shows incredible determination.

I agree at 34 his time is limited but still firmly believe he can offer something from the bench at the very least for another 12 months. At least I hope so anyway!


Sure look it, nobody’s saying he’s Andy Moran or anything, but surely he could be useful off the bench now and again? #saveberno


I was told a while back by someone close to his training regime , that he was putting in serious effort to get back playing.
So what ever happens it won’t be from the want of trying.


I think BB has an advantage in that his work probably allows him to have a proper train / rest schedule. Having said that, a full time professional would find it hard to make it back in his timeframe. But he not alone has to make it back, he then has to be selected.

But I agree with @HawkEye above. He was showing serious form and was maybe starting to adapt his game a little.


Some of his movement and passing was absolutely delightful at the start of the league. Would be great to get him back.


andy morin is not in the same league as Bernard, never was and at this stage , unlikely


Think he laid on two like that in the league.


Congrats Berno and his missus :clap:

2 of Dublins Full Forward Line in 20 years


Great news for the Brogan family and thankfully the two new blues are healthy and that’s the most important thing. On a different note I hope they have good lungs and big appetites as every team needs Bernard to be a little fatigued when the fat is in the fire,
Congrats to one and all and may they enjoy health and happiness always regardless of the size or shape of the ball they play with.


I would say he certainly is. Arguably not as good but in the same league yes. He mostly did not have as good a team to play in.