Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Only improves you to play against the best…especially if get back up and win. You’ll never improve beating an fianna every year :thinking:


Your Intermediates didn’t improve much with the 6 goal thrashing they got from NF I’d say.


Can’t remember exactly, but I would guess he was still sub in '95 alright.

John O’Callaghan (half back, who I’m pretty sure won Man of the Match in the club All Ireland final in '95) was definitely an unused sub for the Dubs in the AI final that year.


Intermediate …ok…congrats to all.


You’d know you were Vins with that comment …


Discussion is on SF… you felt it needed reference to some one off intermediate game…bragging about IFC, you’d known you were…

Let’s park and not derail the thread with petty tit for tat


Just pointing out facts - keep the hair on. Back to Mullins so. He doesn’t appear to have set the Donegal set up alight but you reckon he was 4th best midfielder in Dublin??


I don’t think donegal style suits him and also he’s struggled with hamstrings for last few months…only back in last month I think …not unrelated to the traveling up and back I suspect.


I guarantee you that we would not have won 5 All Irelands in the last few years had it not been for the input of lads that got no game time, I certainly value their effort and certainly do not think their medals are worthless. Of course they would love to play, but they still have a major role on the whole thing.


I’m more referring to the issue of guys commiting all the time and effort to train with no game time (not the view of supporters to value of their effort) and how a guy might not deem 2-3 years of training ground only action as being worth it.
Exact point was made by MDMA last year about his own medal when he didn’t play.

For some guys who’s clubs offer no chance of success then it’s certainly worth it over guys from top 3-4 clubs who have to consider strong possibility of winning club AI as an option.


I liked him as a half back for Vins but even then I don’t think he was a nailed on starter? Am I right in saying he’s really only playing MF for the last couple of seasons with Vins? Think his age may not have helped - though that didn’t stop Denis. Different times maybe.


Suppose it is like everything else, all depends on the amount of commitment you are willing to make, I have no issues whatsoever with lads that are not willing to do it, but I really appreciate the lads that go in week in week out and more or less knowing they have little or no chance of playing. Also understand that each individual will value their medals the way they want. But I see your point.


Agreed… on reflection, not correct to pass judgement or supposition on how guys rate medals etc. was using to illustrate why some guys simply don’t want wish to join panel etc.


He’s not county standard. Was a sub with Vincent’s up to 3/4 years ago.


And Dublin club player of the year last year.

Regardless, he’s be only one that I’d quibble over. DC an obvious and there are 3 or4 who if they wanted to do the 2-3 years apprenticeship could make the grade as well.


I wouldn’t quibble over him but there’s a half dozen as good playing with Vincent’s as what’s there.
They’ve obviously heard the way Gavin treats those not in the first 20…a far cry from the persona he projects during interviews.

It is however a results based business and a bit like Cody, I’m sure Gavin doesn’t give a hoot what I or anybody else thinks.


Exactly,Heffernan was nt interested in being popular either so the Marino mob should understand.


About whether or not Dublin win the All-Ireland or not having anyone on the county panel?


The latter.


Fair enough.