Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


They do indeed, the players have spoken about it a lot.

A long way from some coaches just running the b*ollox out of you!


As it’s retirement season it’s worth mentioning the Dublin footballers . I can’t see any of our lads going this year ( might be wrong there and I’d imagine certain players will have conversations ) but win or lose next year we will probably have a retirement thread for about four players this time next year .

I can’t see Berno MDMA , O Gara and Flynn doing any more than one more year . For some reason I think Cluxton will go another two or three if indeed his body and form holds up

It shows the importance of Jim deliberately transitioning the team, lowering the first 15 age profile while still winning - most counties in any era wouldn’t sustain a few retirements in a row ( especially ones with six all Ireland medals )


Darren Daly


Hopefully Cluxton stays and becomes first player to play 100 championship games.

  • Dublin’s average score in 2018 was 27.5 points per game. This is up from 25.7 points in 2017, and 20.9 points in 2016. That represents an increase of 6.6 points or 32% between 2016 and 2018

  • Dublin’s scoring average for 2018 is also* higher than any other season in the last 10 championships*, with the second highest average coming in 2014, when they scored 26.4 points per game

All the above points to a team improving year on year and probably a disimprovement in the opposition. It also debunks a lot of what was posted here a couple of months ago re our forward line - opinions that I totally disagreed with and even posted stats to back up that disagreement.

It kind of underlines what I think here sometimes … that we are overly critical of our team with no real reason. Enjoy them for what they are … the best team to ever play the game.


The stat on Fenton completing 59/63 foot passes is incredible too. He attempted more kick passes than CK and Jack combined. His foot passing ability is exceptional and has the ability to cut open a defence but to actually see that in numbers is interesting.


well dub09, only “possibly” the best according to pat and if that’s what pat thinks its good enough for me. it was “one of the best” before september and it’ll be “close to the best” after 5 and “giving the kerry team of the 70s a good run for their money” after 6 if that happens. he’s still persisting with the fantasy that one of their al–irelands from 40 years ago equates to ours now- CLOWN!!


I’m amazed he has been as much praising as he has been. He’s far from the worst and has always been a tongue in cheek artist


Spillane has always been very complimentary about this Dublin group. Regularly refers to them as role models too in fairness.


When Spillane is praising Dublin footballers he never forgets to mention they are great athletes. Rarely he praises Dublin football ability. I think he believes Kerry have better footballers and Dublin win games because of their superior fitness.


Don’t you mean, the intiiinsity? :yum:


he gives us praise alright , but he just wont put the hands up and admit we’r a better team. his team wouldn’t last pissin time with this Dublin team. As far as I know, his team played 15 games to do the 4 in a row , we played 28 but ye never hear a word about that, now that’s some goin.


Yeah but we only won 5 of the last 6 Leagues. I have notice that Pat is very fond of the athletic word alright but rarely uses skill or skilful …


I rarely use the phrase windy auld geebag.


Recent Spillane quotes on Dublin team

  • “Reminded is why Gaelic football is such a wonderful sport”
  • “They’re a superb team… Credit to GAA”
  • “The Character, the leadership in this great team”
  • When people suggested that recent kick out rules changes were aimed at Dublin, he agreed they were aimed at Dublin but felt they’d fail to curb dubs “as great teams and great players adapt”…
  • “they tick all the boxes … pace, athleticism, fitness, skill, forwards, subs bench, leadership, composure, team ethic”…

With all due respect, anyone who thinks Spillane doesn’t sing praises of this dublin team is only hearing what they want to hear not what he’s saying.


Ah leave Spewan alone…


their’s no one sayin he dosent give us praise, he simply wont admit this team is the best team of all time and would wipe the floor with the team he played on, its hurtin poor oul patsy badly and anyone that cant see that, well well well, even his side kick o Rourke likes to get a little dig in at him from time to time and oul patsy dosent like it


Devils advocate moment. Even if Dublin won 4/5 in a row in the 70’s, I doubt we could even compare that team to today’s. It’s a tad unfair really.

I mean, they didn’t have the financial doping we have today! :wink:


My view is you can’t compare teams from different generations - Too many factors at play.
Being honest, it’s hard to fathom how good the Kerry and Dublin of the 1970’s would have been with modern day science and sporting approach’s.
Just enjoy the highlights of the past and the current and leave the tags of “greatest ever” to the sky Sports brigade.