Dublin Senior Footballers 2019 - analysis, conjecture, but nothing spurious

Think the other lads offer more, we have lads there as well that are well able to hit frees

Looking at recent finals, I’d say Deano is up there with any of the other forward in terms of scores from play and assists. More so, at crunch time when you need a reliable free taker, the rest are pretenders.


OSullivans discipline is exemplary in the back line…something Small and Cooper must strive to add to their satchels

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That’ll be an interesting aspect. I get the sense that our league performances, in addition to the gradual loss of appeal in setting out to keep the score down, will see teams setting out in a more bullish fashion than we’ve become accustomed to. They’ll call it, “The Tyrone Template”. Whether that means teams will try to run at us or launch it in NFL 2019 style remains to be seen.

Would tend to agree that it’ll be horses for courses. We’re lucky to have extra pieces to put in the jigsaw, depending upon what the opponent on a given day is.

Would love to see Howard & Fenton at MF but maybe that’s the traditionalist in me seeking out a dream pairing.

And would love to see us postion CK closer to goal, just to suss out all those air-tight, rock-solid full back lines of the other contenders that we can only dream of having :wink: It looked to be a tactic on Jim’s radar, based on him being positioned in there during the 2018 league from time to time. Hard to know if it remains so seeing how Ciaran was only eased back in over this league campaign.

Always pays to have something different up your sleeve. Even if you’ve won 4 AI’s on the bounce. Perhaps even more so, having reigned supreme for that long.

Would also like to see Kilkenny in at 14, he always gets a couple of scores when in close to goal…

Again, if teams are going to have a go at Dublin, Kilkenny might be better utilised in closer to goal and not needed to be controlling everything in the Half Forwards

Get Con at 11 and Howard at 10

Not sure why everyone has Rory starting even though he has been out of the inter-county game so long. I don’t doubt his class but can’t see Jim putting him straight in unless he doing great things in training.
For me it will be horses for course as others have said but feel there may be a solid 19 or 20 players:
Clucko/Comerford (super 8 game if dead rubber)
Philly/Fitzy/Jonny Rory/Fitzy Davy Byrne/Murchan
Jamesy/Jack Jonny/John Small/COS/Howard Jack/Lowndes
Fenton McAuley/Gavin/Jamesy
Howard/Basquel Con/Kilkenny/Costello Scully/Basquel
Mannion/Andrews Kilkenny/Rock Rock/Costello

For Louth I would like to see:
Fitzy Rory Byrne
Jamesy Jonny Jack
Fenton Gavin
Howard Con Diarmo :wink: (realistically Basquel)
Mannion Kilkenny Rock

I think we can afford a lot of experimentation in Leinster and would like to see a few become first choice for every game.

No harm in having a dream pairing in midfield. Ffs

Cian will start. As will Rock. 2 of the first names on the team sheet. Irreplaceable.

Cooper’s discipline was exemplary last year was it not?


I would share your reservation, but we can dream (and it has some basis). This is a giddy time of year - summer ahead, GAA and more GAA and no more Swansea v Derby on seven screens in the background. Bliss.


any word on lowndes and jack mc injuries

M7 traffic an absolute hoor heading down to Portlaoise today compadres. Give yourselves a good bit of extra time next weekend. It’ll be even worse when our mob are heading down there. :roll_eyes:

You can sing that … Atrocious … Don’t be surprised if they are diversions the weekend between jtn 9 and 10 , there are 2 interchanges been added Kerry Gold HQ and Sallins ring road/new route also incorporating new route to newbridge :+1:t2:… In short a Cluster Ffffk

Yeah but they’ve only been at it for 6 years …

I hear ROC and EOG have been paired in training and are going hammer and tongs.

No hiding there for ROC. I wonder how much high ball they’re putting in?

Fair play to you for visiting him all the same.

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Criminally bad pun there mate.

be nice if he finished a couple

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No thread for this week’s game … 5 days out. Does anyone really care?*

  • I do

We’re doooooooooomed so !

Cavanagh sticks up for the Down man a few days after this was in the Times … ‘Willie Barrett, the chairman of the GAA’s national referees development committee, has confirmed that match officials have been ordered to show zero tolerance towards head-high tackles this summer’. Read up Sean - read up. Incidentally he was speaking in the context of Paddy Andrews’ injury … which the ref let off lightly. Guess which ref we have this Saturday …