Dublin Senior Footballers 2019

I’m more of a hiding behind the armchair expert.
So you’re part of the Top Secret Kerry Spying Agency?? Et tu Brutals!

That’s us. Don’t tell anyone. Kerry might do a Tyrone and spike our water bottles

Except then it would be just “a wee drop of surgical potion”.

Or a surgical drop of wee potion. :nauseated_face:

Hmmmmm, I think Jim has a way of getting rid of people and making it look like it was there decision, from what I have heard anyway on this one.

Apologies, I misread your original message, you are 100% correct on that.

Be littles the medal and Bernard would know that more than anyone, everything Bernard got he worked hard for and deserved, no one handed him anything early in his career an all Ireland final is bigger than any one player , no one is entitled, it’s that attitude and single minded approach that has gotten us where we are , as fans we get sentimental and we have favorites it’s natural, we are screwed the day management think like us


Its not only Jim who does. Most IC set ups and a lot i’ve come across at club level in Dublin. It’s just an extension of the PC zeitgeist.

Long time since I read Dub Sub Confidential but as far as a I remember Leonard thought Pillar’s coaching methods were pretty dubious. I can’t remember what he had to say about Gilroy. Great book though, like all the best sports books it’s about a lot more than sport.


I could be wrong, but I don’t think Bernard would have got one for 2018. So it would be six.

He was part of extended panel, he would of got a medal.

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I have often wondered about that, is that an official medal that can go on the record books or an internal thing? Actually, are there even record books!

is cluxton the most decorated keeper of all time with leagues, provincials, all Ireland’s

is cluxton the most decorated keeper of all time

Iker casillas I reckon.

I don’t think Fennell did really criticize Gavin though. He seems fairly understanding on the reasons I thought.

But Nolan is a good example of someone else being let go at a peak age and very suddenly. I was thinking Fennell was nearly alone in that. Although he did have a diabetes issue I think that took him out of the reckoning for a while.

Although I always think managers have a right to pick who they want and players have a right to whinge about it.

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No I have heard from a few different people that this is the method of communication re training and times and venues etc. So when you are in you know and when you are out you just don’t hear about it.
Obviously if you were a key player or long time servant it might be slightly different and you would hopefully have the chat re the future and to be fair they would probably instigate it but for a fringe type player it is ruthless.
Obviously works for them and for us as supporters so I for one am not judging Jim on it

Devereaux was fairly young also when dropped from panel after starting a few games at centre back and wing back. Whatever happened to him?

Here a recent interview from Kevin Nolan. Doesn’t seem to be too critical of Jim. I remember a article from Nolan years ago and don’t remember him criticising Jim Gavin. Think he said himself his style of play didn’t suit Jim Gavin running game as he liked to kick the ball instead of hand passing. That along along with the diabetes probably cut short his Dublin career. He would of only been 23 in 2011. That point from him in 2011 final was class.



I’m not talkin about that sport

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