Dublin Senior Footballers 2019

Sure now there is another thread about football, let the rumours run riot here😂


Good callW e need a thread for Rumours so!(No, not the night club and none of us was ever in it anyway!)

Is the other thread not for the splitters…

There will always be a cohort who think player x should start on account of what they did in the past. In reality in 2017 DC played very little intercounty championship football and stepped away for 2018. The reality of him playing in 2019 having not play any league was going to be very very slim. But if we make an all Ireland final this year some will still speculate he could be brought back for the final, have to live in the real world.

They only thing I’ll be watching in the Leinster championship is who is making the match day squads, apart from Gavin can’t see who will be the bolter this year. Interested to see how ROC is going and will he come back into FB line.

Huge news breaking in the other thread lads.

theres that many which one

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and that’s cool he’s not everyone’s cup of tea- Each to their own .

There is one selector I wouldn’t have within a hundred miles of the Dublin Camp either. So it’s all about one’s opinion really .

Greg Kennedy? Gotcha

Indeed. Posted after 2 hours sleep in 72 hours!

That said, there’s no point in texting me and asking me if DC is coming back again and again if you’re not going to believe me, still ask again and again, and still continue to post here with the same question. That’s not disingenuous. It’s fuckin nuts!

I need sleep again. GN

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As far as Im concerned DC is history for Dublin.

And we won last years All Ireland, firmly, without that man

…or his club were told to get match sharp with him.

And one about the Apartment, far better talent went there!


Jayus , Facebook heads looking to organise an applause at the 10th minute of the louth game in appreciation for Flynner :expressionless:

They can ■■■■ off.


Aulfellas in-joke ahoy!


The Facebook fans are the worst.

One particular page and his minion of fans are embarrassing.


Had to unfollow that page on Facebook because of the shite on it. Have no problem with the lad who runs it, it’s the followers that bring it down.

Not one of them a member of a club I suspect.


In the main you’re probably right Alan, there’s plenty of assholes in clubs too.

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Dublin GAA Facebook fan pages, where stereotypes come alive!

‘what time does the match kick off at?’


Showing my age but “Guilty as charged”