Dublin Senior Hurling 2019


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Great win yesterday…so where are we at?

Positive: In a league semi v all Ireland champs losing only 1 game along the way and beating Waterford and Tipp in Thurles

Negative: Scraped over the line v carlow and Laois. Is this a sign of consistency or a sign of us taking the foot off the pedal against teams we expect to beat??

Positive: Winning without our " best 15" Keaney Schutte Cian Winters all yet to play more then a few mins or at all.

Negstive: With that lack of game time can we expect these lads to be up to speed for champ??

Positive: Breakthrough of the likes of young Gray and the form of ORourke Hetherton Smyth. To name just 3. ORourke the real deal forward Hedgo the real deal ball winning forward and Smyth looks like hes going to have a huge career. And this has gone some way to cover the above negative!

Negative: No negative to this one its all positive

Overall I would say were developing well with what Mattie wants to do style wise. I think we might have that 20 man squad now thats needed on everymatch day. Getting Schutte Winters Keaney Cian and Boland back 100% will be huge

Whatever happens v Limerick I cant wait for Leinster to get going


I think we are moving beyond ‘our best fifteen’ thinking. Mattie will want two players for each position and these days, the fifteen you have on the pitch at the end are at least as important than the fifteen starters, if not more so. You are right about the lads we have to come back. I’m thinking about how big a loss it was to us last year when Keaney got injured. Mattie won’t want us ever that vulnerable again.


Would tend to agree and in hindsight it’s a good thing we scrapped by Carlow with a workmanlike performance and not getting carried away but were mentally up for battles against Waterford and Tipp. I think since Gilroy and through to Mattie were putting in more consistent performances than even the Daly years when we were so up and down.


O Rourke appears to be the find of the season. Find might be the wrong word, we all knew he was there but I for one didn’t know he had this form in him.

Actually the first few games he appeared in this year, I thought he was off the pace a good bit. But reading interviews he seemed to come good in a friendly against Cushendall and kept going from there.

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O rourke gray etc will benefit a lot from the game time they have gotten.Smyth as mentioned above is developing at a huge rate,he is a defender first and foremost he is brilliant at defending his ball skills are not as good but can be worked on,time is on his side

Great to get big wins regardless of what happens against limerick,Mattie like gilroy did in championship is taking us a step in the right direction,it will take another year or two but very good to get results at this early stage

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Once we give 100% work rate for 70 mins v Limerick I will be happy! It will be a big ask to down the All Ireland champions.

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It will be huge,John kiely and their players will give us respect and be aware that we are better than last February suggests,how much we have improved remains to be seen


A win would be great, but even if we have an off day, it’s not the end of the world. We have beaten Waterford and Tipp so far, so that’s good enough for me. You would imagine, the extra game is good for Kenny, but also he won’t be pushing anyone with injuries.


Anyone know if the exact dates for championship were announced yet?


Not sure why the link says 2017 but the dates and times are up


Peter Kelly’s thoughts on the league so far, congratulations on the wedding Peter!


Is Fiontan McGibb injured ? Definitely worthy of making match-day panel, surprised no to see him involved in the last few games.


Yes injured. Kenny said he is hopeful of having him back for Championship.


Is Donal Burke injured to ?


I don’t think so, he has been an unused sub for the last three games.

Speaking of injuries - anyone know what the craic is with O Callaghan, he went off in the Galway game with an injury and hasn’t been since.

Likewise, as discussed before here, O Carroll is missing completely. He was flying it last year and in the club championship.

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Just read Christy OConnors article

My jaysus Eddie Brennan hates us…Fair play to OConnor far more open minded. And Dalo adding his input, set it straight

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Let’s watch Laois the next time they are playing the All Ireland champions or anyone any use


What did fast eddie say?