Dublin Senior Hurling Team 2017


I left this discussion quite a while ago and don’t plan reentering it. Problems are ahead but we all/know see that. Until he is gone it’s unlikely to get better. All points are valid here and that’s by people who suppprt/care/think and live for Dublin hurling not just this year but for the next years also. There are some great young players there who need support. It is what it is now so time will tell us all about the legacy that man leaves.


I didn’t specifically reference you in fairness. But when you’re talking about freedom to post - people have to be accurate. And stories were made up last year to make things look even worse then they are

We all know it’s bad - very bad in fact- facts are fine but making things up to suit an already bad agenda to make it ever worse is bad form in my view.


Agreed on all of that.


Don’t think anybody really doubts that there are serious issues within the Hurling camp! No question about it! But still and all we need to stay behind the team that takes the field each and every time! I could be wrong But I feel that is the underline message that is posted here by some! Suas na Dubs!


In fairness to Ger, he’s been dealt a tough hand for the first quarter of the year.
Neither he, nor any manager, could be expected to do anything with ~20 missing.
Cuala will hopefully advance to the Club final, but that rules out 8 possible starters.
So as the 20 guys come back from Fitzgibbon, A.I. club etc., Ger will probably need another 6 weeks with the lads to get team cohesion etc.
Maybe we should all lay off Ger then until at least May.


Why didn’t he plan for that? Did he not believe Cuala could go all the way? I don’t know. Maybe he could have kept some of the proven inter county experience he discarded so readily. Just in case Cuala did win Leinster. Or has he any faith in Dublin hurling at all?

See above. It’s exactly the reason why people are laying into him. Total lack of foresight and preparation.


KK pulled out of Walsh Cup because of squad numbers.


I think these cups are losing their lustre. They’re going to turn into U21/Colleges competitions soon.

Letting the colleges enter and giving them first choice was their death knell.


eliminating the colleges from those warmup challenge games or else insist the counties have first call not the college team would be a start anyways


That’s your opinion or you could even call it a prediction but one thing it most certainly isn’t is a fact. Having confessed to being an English teacher on a different thread you should understand the difference.

As for it being a good year, that depends on your expectations. Retaining division 1 status would be a good year for me. We won’t be competitive with the top teams in the championship but if we continue to blood young lads who show good character I’d be happy enough.


I am well aware of the difference thanks.


No, they didn’t. They are playing DCU at Dumore on Thursday night. It’ll be their U21 squad, as the seniors are off the team holiday, but they’ll be back in time to fulfill the 2 remaining fixtures


Who knows the next Dublin manager and selectors could come from this very page :grin:


Lol :slight_smile:


We’re all behind the players, I’ve no doubt some of them have good county careers ahead of them, but it’s really not ideal to be blooding so many at the same time. But there’s not much choice at this stage because for one reason or another a wealth of experience aren’t available.


Don’t quite know where to put this, Conal Keaney has had his Club County, Provincial and All Ireland medals stolen from his car.


That’s fxxking shocking ! Just saw his tweet . Like how would you shift these :dizzy_face:, melt them down or something ??


Yeh you’d imagine they’d only be of any value to whoever stole them if they melted them down


Why were they in his car? I wouldn’t leave a soiled nappy in the car.

Dermot Deasy had his stolen in a burglary a couple of years ago and I don’t think he ever got it back.


You’d imagine they wouldn’t have been left out in the car so maybe he was targeted , some scum out there :unamused: