Dublin Senior Ladies Footballers 2016


yup. i really don’t get the comparison between a peno call, which is a judgement call, and a clear point not being given - which is a disgracefully poor call by umpires. ugh. anyways like you say his lack of compassion is noteworthy, i hope someday the roles are reversed and he receives as little sympathy as he expressed in this situation.


The peno call in this case is a judgement call, but in other cases it may not be, it could be a case of the foul being outside. I do agree it was an awful statement, he could at least accept that he understands how Dublin feel agrieved.


Heard those comments from Cork Manager, thought he was very ungracious, as Unbelievable said earlier, and very unsporting. Having a pop at McGonigle too stinks of ‘kicking a man when he’s down’ which I didn’t like. Motivation for the girls for next year no doubt.

I do think Bluedub makes a very good point about composure in front of the posts. Scoring forwards are rare enough and the development squad system should be producing more of the,


Why do you keep harping on about judgement calls and the penalty?

This is a totally different scenario and regardless whether it was Dublin or not. It was wrong and what’s worse is there’s no word on it from the LGFA on the matter. At least come out and put their hand up and admit the officials made an error and going forward they will have hawkeye in Croke Park for Finals.But I’m not surprised tbh at the LGFA as none of them in there can make a decision and it’s no wonder the ladies are treated like 2nd class citizens.


For the simple reason a lot are trying to make out that a bad call on a peno is not the same, it depends on what the bad call was. Tell me what is the different about a penalty been given for a foul that has been clearly shown to be outside the area, or a goal to be given when it is later seen that the ball has clearly not crossed the line and a point not been given when later it is seen to have clearly gone between the posts.
My only point really is I understand why they can’t really do anything about it as there are too many possible scenarios where it can arise again, but yeah I take your point, it would be no harm to admit the error and express a bit of regret, I mean the ref after the meath Antrim game admitted his error stright after the game.
I mean people are going on apout Hawkeye, but that is only a solution for games that are played in Croke park, but I do agree that if it was there it was a total lack of respect not to be using


For one thing, a penalty is not a guarantee of a score


It’s totally different than a penalty as that’s one persons call this was three different people who got it completely wrong because they didn’t consult with each other. There wasn’t any communication between either umpire which there should be before awarding a score/wide.


Has there ever been precedent, where the result was over turned? I am asking in honesty. I remember an incident in a minor hurling match, I think it was Limerick, but forget exactly what happened , but the result stood.
BTW I agree the peno has to be scored, but if a ball crosses the line or not for a goal is the same and it does happen.
I honestly dont want to be coming across as if I were saying , well tough, it is just that I dont really see what can be done, except make sure they have hawkeye in the future, but that only solves the problem for the odd game and also I really think that the selection of umpires for big games has to be taken out of the Ref’s hands.


Meath were a bit more sporting than yermano from cork:


Yep, but it was an entirely different case, the score in the meath game was given, just wasn`t counted.


do yu ever change your mind about something? … just wondering? :joy:


Just wondering what people expected to happen? To change my mind about what, I only suggested what I thought would be the outcome and I have been slated for doing so.
Personally I would have liked Cork to offer a replay, but AFAIK, they don`t have that option, but looking at the statement they made, I don’t think they would have even if it were possible.
The organization could have called a replay, but they would be leaving themselves open to all kinds of problems, appeals etc as it is not the first time a decision has been proved wrong and the result stood.
This is not about Dublin or Cork, it is about what should happen when a decision is proved wrong, It is not just a problem in GAA in fact I would say it happens more in soccer and they too seem to be against over turning results .
There seems to be a resistance in both sports towards the use of technology, simply use of video last week as in rugger would solved everything.


I’ll say one thing , if something like this was to happen in a couple of days , which it shouldn’t because hawk eye is in place , you can be bloody sure neither county wouldn’t let it pass . There would definitely be more kicked up about it . And knowing our board they would find some sort of loophole .
Its a pity the girls at the time didn’t question the call & approach the linesmen , it might have been settled there and then . Sure look at Kev after the '45 against Kerry .


Tis gas reading some of the comments from people hear . First in regards of the peno . What has to be remembered is ladies football is a non contact sport . One cork player made contact with the body slapping over the shoulder and was no where near the ball . The other was trying to drag the ball away from the body two fouls in one both regularly given in ladies football.
Yes Dublin had enough chances to win but what can’t be denied is both teams got 1 goal and both teams kicked the ball over the bar 7 times .
Had cork of offered a replay the lgfa would have stopped it . Reason being … Money .
The lgfa are greedy greedy bastards . If your club has 1 team playing ladies football at the start of the year you must pay “an all Ireland levy” of €150 your club will not be able to register a player till its done . That’s for every club in Ireland regardless of who is on the final. Your talking easily €350k by absolute latest April sitting in there account gathering interest for a game played in September! (And Hawkeye cost too much!) that’s not could more ticket sales!
There is no levy or rules in place for a replay . So no money . Lgfa would have to dig in and pay themselves . That won’t of not happen


I am not sure on this and deffo not sure as regards ladies football, but AFAIK in the GAA even if a team wants to offer a replay they cant, it has to come from the powers that be, dont know if it applies to the ladies and am open to correction on the GAA rule.


34,000 in attendance on sunday - surely that makes a few bob, the relay wouldn’t get that much but would surely bring a decent crowd?


Second captains podcast yesterday, camogie/football player from the journal.ie in effect saying the lgfa is fairly flushed with money and an all star trip to the states was a bit top heavy with the Blazers. When asked why they don’t merge with the gaa she said well, there’s a lot of officials there who are doing very well.


You can be sure that neither they nor the Camogie association will ever merge fully with the GAA.

Too many people not able to give up their little piece of power.


Not really . The levy is where there making the money . From past experience , your contacting clubs down the country that you know to get them to apply for there tickets ( there not automatically sent out and if you don’t apply 2-3 weeks in advance you can’t get your tickets!) and getting them to your club.
They do a deal where clubs can get 10 kids and 1 adult ticket for 50-55 euro . Lot of clubs bring there kids in on that deal . Plus there were 6 counties playing on Sunday . Would only be 2 if it were a replay . Lgfa would have cold sweats about a replay ! I’d agree about the Blazers comments too and there all star trips . Players deserve better .