Dublin Senior Ladies Footballers 2016


Apparently there is effort and cost involved in configuring Hawkeye for the smaller ladies football. The LGFA in their wisdom declined to pay the cost.

Hawkeye should never have been needed for that. The two umpires should be ashamed of themselves. Complete clowns the pair of them.


completely agree. Cant fault their effort but the standard is so poor. Decision making is generally awful. Surely with all the training they do they should be a lot better with the ball or do they only do fitness work?


Just saw it there. Bar Sludden it is the worst call I have ever seen in Croke Park. An absolute disgrace. How could you call a ball like that wide? It was only a few feet over the bar.

That the standard is poor is irrevelvant, however true. The standard of officiating shouldn’t be.


Yeah have to admit Dublin kicked it away, no composure and every wide seemed to sap their confidence. They’re almost there but just lack of scores from play did them in the end.


Sorry but fixating on a(n admittedly terrible decision) earlier in the game (only a point) when the game was lost by poor use of the ball, poor shooting, and Cork taking their chances when it really mattered, is just rubbing salt into the wounds.

Well done Cork, an incredible team/era, yet again, year in year out. Dubs must do a bit better but I think it’s now long gone beyond that, it’s also a mental thing at this stage Vs Cork.


They didn’t lose this game though.


You could probably say that about a lot of close games if you scrutinize every decision, I haven`t seen it and I believe it was a terrible call, but how many times are penos given or frees that are not and end up being scored, it is hard to take, but that is the way it is.


There is no area of contention here whatsoever - it is black and white. This Cork team could prove themselves to be great by doing the right thing,


Penalties and frees are a matter of opinion. This is a matter of fact. You cannot argue with facts. Dublin scored the same amount as Cork but lost the game. That’s a fact!


Was infuriating watching them , terrible attempts at kicking points and without wishing to sound harsh , brainless decisions all over the pitch made by players .
Good luck with getting a replay off cork , ain’t gonna happen .


I understand that the executive of county board are meeting tonight to examine the rules and see if there is grounds to appeal. Greg McGonigle contends that the fact Hawkeye was turned off demonstrates an inequality between the men and women’s game! Then of course we have video evidence!


People are entitled to their opinion, that’s fine. That’s internet forums for you.

But Jeysus lads, this was a game that we drew, just that the officials cocked up means we didn’t (on the score board). It’s absolutely scandalous. And for so called supporters of Dublin GAA to be not outraged at this?? Paying it lip service?? Go and shite lads. These girls deserve all the respect that the lads do.

Please God Patricia and the DLGFA will find a route to appeal. I for one will support hem, every step of the way!


It’s a joke alright, assume pressure will come on cork to offer a replay, given their dominance over the last decade surely they’ll oblige?


This. All day long, this.



For what it is worth, BigP and 25 AliveOh, hang your heads in shame lads. Dublin supporters my arse!

Good night!


I was at the game today , I never roared so much in my life , It was soul destroying watching the wasteful shooting after all the hard work that had been done. but thought the girls gave everything in battling and great tackling , they had Cork on the rack just didnt finish them.
The game finished a draw . Cork didn’t beat Dublin.
Their has to be a replay.


I have to say how any Dublin GAA fan is not outraged by this is bemusing to me.
Also how any GAA fan is not embarrassed by this would be a mystery to me also.
This was not a 50/50 decision or a should’ve been a penalty/sending off controversy.
This was a legitimate score that was not given for God knows what reason because the umpire was looking right at it.
The only fair and reasonable outcome here is a replay and the LGFA make that decision and not cop out like the GAA in 2010 Leinster final.


Bravo sir just Bravo!


I wouldn’t compare it to the 2010 Leinster Final tbh because this instance is absolutely clear cut


Not comparing incidents as I agree this one is by far more clear cut.
What I would like to see is the LGFA unlike the GAA be proactive in making a decision and setting a precedent by not copping out here.