Dublin - The Chaos Years


Out in October, looks very interesting.

Dublin has become the dominant force in Gaelic football, setting new standards of skill and efficiency. But it was not very long ago that the county was a byword for underachievement and disorganization. Every year from 1996 to 2010, the Dubs found new and creative ways of losing, of causing their fans to suffer, and of earning the scorn of the wider GAA public.

Based on interviews with former players and coaches, Dublin: The Chaos Years tells the entertaining and sometimes scarcely believable story of how the Dubs managed to make such a hames of things over a period of fifteen years. It also traces the beginnings of the turnaround, as the bad habit of failure began to give way to a healthier culture. Full of frank, witty and sometimes outrageous stories and analysis from the people who were at the centre of it, Dublin: The Chaos Years is a book for every Gaelic football fan.


Jayus , ive seen it all now :joy:.
Id buy it though just for craic.
Never heard of the author , is this the guy ?
Dubs fan according to his bio


If that is him, he works for the Sun. On that basis alone I wouldn’t wipe my arse with the book.




But but but but…Juliet is the sun!


Obviously had loads of time to write his book. There’s never much news in that rag.


Only good for cleaning dogshite one rung below the indo


Well said sir!