Dublin u17 Football 2019


Hopefully we get further this year more so than last year and push on as it was quite disappointing last year.
Does anyone have any idea on how good this team are an how far theyre expected to go this year or any players playing that played last year like Luke Swan


Should be a great team in my opinion from being at all games u15/16 this year with my two sons involved . 6 of last years panel are eligible again. (Luke Swan and Conor Murray the obvious fulcrum of this team) Also some very good u16s should supplement this panel and provide great competition throughout. Tom Brennan and perhaps one of the best underage players I’ve ever seen come thru the county in recent years is Eoin Wilde from Skerries Harps , a dual star at county level . Currently recovering from a serious knee operation we may not see him at both codes this season but certainly one to watch.


The castleknock boys will be critical . Balinteer and Plunketts too . Dara Purcell of Crokes will also be another star forward. It’ll be interesting to see how the managers control the dual code players as it’s my understanding there’s currently upwards of 15 players on both panels!


From a developmental point of view that is complete madness. And from a burnout point of view as well.

Never mind that their clubs won’t see them till God knows when


Agree Alan it is a huge amount of games to be playing

Wonder does it have a direct correlation with some of our best talent in both football and hurling at senior level getting injured e.g Costello etc?

Playing dual with the club is alot dont mind the county games and school games


No question about it. They’re training with all those teams as well.

Likely the cause of fellas giving up very young too.


Very true Ive heard about a lot of lads saying that they dont want to play u20s in either code because the commitment is too big


The football 20s aren’t asking for to much at the moment. I believe they have 2 collective sessions a week. I have also been told that they will be available to play league with clubs.


Competition is a minimum for four months away. Why in the name of sanity do they need to be training twice a week already. Especially the ones playing in college.

And bloody right they should be playing with their clubs. That shouldn’t even be an issue.


Agree there @alanoc most lads train with the college and it is taken very seriously, then these lads are being pulled at by a lot of teams


It’s like the schools. Managers trying to prove themselves and feed their own egos.


Exactly at underage especially in clubs emphasis should be put on developing players especially the weaker ones, things get too competitive and players arent developed to their potentials. Weaker players on B teams are often neglected i think in most clubs, i notice that myself