Dublin U17 Hurling 2018


No time or venue for this yet?


Nothing on the leinster website.


O’Moore Park at 3 next Saturday


Agree. Disgraceful. It mars a huge day for these kids .


Ah here, it’s hardly disgraceful.


Ah it is. We should refuse to play unless it’s moved to Croker😜


More tickets for the Senior …



2 of the lads up for player of the week

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We’re not fecking Mayo. :wink:

Done … or is it Dunne …


With minor footballers looking like they are gone is there anyone from there good enough who could make the minor hurlers?


Can’t think of an example where that has worked.


Won’t happen and shouldn’t happen. The footballers themselves have had an unsettled squad and it has not done them any good. I believe there are some. But this year they were asked to choose, rightly or wrongly. Parachuting guys in for what might only be one game would be an absolute no no in my book.


Seems to me this all needs reviewing.


U16 players allowed to be dual.
U17 had to choose.


I thought swan was on both?


That’s just daft.


Fully agree Alan, don’t believe in parachuting lads in either. I know a few have been called up from both Celtic Challenge teams, which is part of the reasoning behind the competition.
It’d be very unfair to lads already in squad if some of the footballers got called up.


Swan is an U16


Didn’t realise that. He’s going to be a big lad.