Dublin U17 Hurling 2018


I believe all but 2 players were asked to choose one or the other!!


Who on the football team is a good hurler?


Liam Dunne


Ah shite, is he a on the football panel as well.


I think Murray is as well, he’s also u16, another Knock man.


I didn’t think there was a no dual player rule this year. As said above, Swan is already on both.


I was kind of hoping Dunne might be the solution to free taking issues at u21 level for the next few years.


Rule or not, some players were actively encouraged to choose one over the other


I was talking to a parent of a player who was on both earlier and was asked to make a call on which he was to stay with. He did and a couple of weeks later that panel was culled and he dropped!!! Ended up on neither panel!!




Heard the same story.

There is an argument that we really don’t manage our resources to the optimum at minor.


Valid enough point but having said that Dublin are the greatest football team the GAA has ever seen.


I seem to remember saying this a year ago and being told I was factually wrong!!! I’m glad you accept it now.


Really? Surprised at that. Unless you’re misunderstanding me. I don’t mean lads should be playing both. I mean no lad should be sitting on the bench in one code who should start in the other. I’ve always held that. Which is why I’m surprised I would have said otherwise. That’s what I mean by optimizing resources.


That would never happen at Senior level …


Yea, he didn’t make the bench.


Murray is under 16 and on both. Very skilful hurler that chap.


Tough game this one, a win here would be great for the confidence, it was really the goals that kept us in it the last day, will need a good few more scores to beat this kilkenny team.


Kilkenny seemed to struggle a bit against Offaly the last day though.


How had Offaly done previously?