Dublin U17 Hurling 2018


They came out of the other group I think, the unseeded one. So had been playing the likes of Antrim and Kildare. They did best Laois in the QFs though. KK only beat them by 5 points.



I wouldn’t Criticize the Number 6


Took me a few seconds!


You may be one of few …


He’s certainly no Fake.


I was mixing you up with our American friend with your spelling of criticize. But the he’d have (of?) spelt it differently.



Murray didn’t start for the footballers v Wicklow, seems to be in and out of the team. Liam Dunne seems to be a sub for the footballers mostly.


Is there a factory in Ballyboden for goalkeepers or something? They seem to turn out loads of them…


His brother started out in goals a swell didn’t he?


Yes but I think their football goalkeeping factory is based in the Middle East …


But that’s by-the-by… Or buy-Dubai.


Updates welcome if anyone is going. Stupid family stuff in my way :thinking:


There was a senior championship game last year where 5 lads who have played in goal for Dublin were on the pitch - Gary, Simmo, Finn McGarry, Dooley, Conor McCormack. And they still couldn’t keep a clean sheet. :grinning:


Na Finna are producing some great keepers as well for me Jono Tracey is the best keeper around and could be the Dublin number 1 for years to come


Best of luck to the lads today… KCLR will have live commentary anyway.


Am travelling down but may have to abandon the trip. Traffic is at a standstill before Kill. Will try the back roads to see if it is any better


Match put back to 3.30 so hope that will help


Excellent. Will soldier on. Nass town is not moving great but the extra half hour helps