Dublin U17 Hurling 2018


4-8 to 3-10 at half time. If we tighten up our defence Dublin will win this. Giving far too much space to the KK forwards.

Our forwards gave the beating of their men and there are plenty of goals in this team. Makes a change seeing a Dublin team taking on their men and going for goal. Just need to sort out the defence


Cracking first half - all we love about minor Hurling. We were having difficulty wit the kk puck outs but seem to have settled a bit - hogan gone off injured is a loss - going to be a good second half - heat will be a big factor last 10 mins -


Can listen to it on


Another goal

Drive it home now


JEsus lads


2 goals in the first two minutes of the second half for Dublin.

This is a crazy game


Mother of god


Ah here leave it out


Ah here is right


Another Dublin goal that’s 11 in total

Is there any keepers at all?


SWan again


Full back lines having fun today I’d say…


Kilkenny keeper just pulled one out of the top corner to deny Swan. That would have given Dublin some breathing space


Liam Dunne with a 70 after super save from KK keeper. Dublin up 6-13 to 5-10.


5 minutes without a goal. Something is wrong


The ref has lifted his ban on the keepers using hurls


Swan is destroying anyone they put on him



7 in it. 5 to go