Dublin U17 Hurling 2018


Great title to win! First of the 17s age group. Well done to all.


2 in a row at under 17 for Dublin


2 Kk goals. 4 in it


Thanks to all the lads who travelled, and for the updates. If I’m not mistaken, this minor tram was rated in Kilkenny. Were there TG4 cameras there lads?


Brilliant stuff, some scoring by the dubs! Maybe we know how to hold a Hurley afterall.


Still on lads




Blow it up ref


Game over. 6-19 to 7-12. Leinster champs


THERe we go


How do you concede 7 goals and still win in a Leinster final :joy::joy:


Delighted to get the win but that’s an absolutely ridiculous scoreline. 13 goals and 31 points in 60 minutes? And it’s not like Portlaoise is a small pitch! Well done to all.Hopefully this is the team that might finally land an All Ireland. Although they might need to sort out the backline.


Super stuff. Delighted!


Doesn’t help if you concede 6-19!


Score 6-19😂crazy scoreline


Great stuff. Congratulations to all involved. . Tks @sneakersotoole for all the updates.


Brilliant result and congrats to all involved

Always great to win a championship especially with a great spread of clubs


Yep congratulations to all and cheers for the updates


Wonder how one sided the backs against forwards games have been in training…