Dublin U17 Hurling 2018


Absolutely nuts. Dublin teams don’t get 25 scores too often against kilkenny teams. Delighted for the lads.


U17s so lads only know one way too play. Go for every ball and enjoy it.


A great win. And any day you beat KK is a great day!


That’s a great win, and it is two in a row now at under 17. There might be an All Ireland in this!


Super win!! We have plenty of backs in dublin so goal scoring forwards are a god send although most of our goalscorers are still duel!


Thanks for updates lads - phenomenal win. Kilkenny twitter stopped at final score. Too sick to congratulate us perhaps …


Highlights Tg4 Monday night - super game - yes lots of goals but it’s hurking at its best in a way - less of the cynical stuff and young lads playing with passion and love of the game - was fantastic


Could this be the team to beat munster opposition? (with a little tightening up at the back!)


Is there any backdoor for the Cats?


YEs, they get another bite at it.


KK go into a round robin with Galway and clare I believe


That is actually an amazing fact when you think about it, they were all fairly good keepers too.


It’s not Clare. They finished dead last in Munster round robin. Munster final is between limerick and tipp. Losers likely into round robin. Which gives our next opponents two competitive games before they play us. Not very fair I would have said.


There’s no doubt all the games have helped this team along


Great win. Honestly completely forgot this was on today, for supporters of my vintage the idea of the Minor Final preceding the Senior Final is just hardwired into my head at this stage.


Bart! Bart! Come back! We have forwards now​:rofl::rofl:


Ah now, you know well that he’d point out that swan & Dunne are dual players and will be lost.




Fùck me that’s some score

Well done lads :+1:


I really hope not. But what’s happened in the past would make you worry